Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When Life Gives A Reason To Fuck


Something That Is Real


"San ka?"

It was a Viber message from an unknown number.

"Office Why?"

"Kala ko naman nasa inyo ka."

He was referring to the street where we both live. The truth was, my colleagues and I were wrapping our meeting in the office. We will take our work home.

"Haha bakit?"

"Lam mo na."

I get it.

"Long time ah!" 

I replied, grinning.


"Ngaun lang d naging busy."

"Bukas pa uwi mo?"


"Ay sayang."


Ending the conversation there, I was certain not to make a move for any encounter to happen.

Barely a week after the break-up and there they are, making a nasty comeback. It's like life's taunting my resolve, and saying it straight to my face that I am meant to be a slut. The guy was one of those random encounters; the last among the nameless faces I met on Planet Romeo for a "quick fun." Had he not mentioned the street of my residence during our correspondence, I would not recall our history. 

He was out of my life long before summer has begun. 

I recall our time, and how we did it at the bathroom of his dormitory. He would make contact before midnight, sneak me into the compound and into the toilet area, and there, while pretending to take a dump, he would suck my dick as he pleasured himself. He had a weenie, by the way. Unimpressive, given my high standard. It was one of the reasons I never asked for his name. But more importantly, after the deed was over, he would tell me to leave the dorm after he exits the scene. No talks. Not even goodbyes.

Like he never slobbered my face in the heat of our quickie. 

Despite these cycles, he would re-emerge from time to time, asking if I am game for some "alam mo na," moments. For a manly guy who says he has a "girlfriend," his invitation is a source of astonishment. Why look for me when he has other choices in our neighborhood? Why keep asking, if I keep declining? I felt my crotch when I arrived home that night, and choosing between a cold, and recycled encounter, and a lock-down inside my hollow quarters, I resigned to the thought that some job-related tasks await - besides getting cock-sucked and wet-kissed by a stranger who I will never recognize, and never see, as part of my life.


Simon said...

Sometimes its the sexual urges that temp us to find guys on the blue planet.

Spiral Prince said...

in the words of citybuoy, "we just want to be loved"

Guyrony said...

I don't know how to comfort you or what I can do to.

But you know where you can reach me, Joms.

AHMER said...

I am here for a small talk bro.

citybuoy said...

It's never easy to go through a break-up. I commend you on being able to stay away from temporary moments of pleasure. Ang lakas maka-mature! :)