Friday, January 30, 2015

Paper Dolls

As kids, we were forbidden to touch playthings, the opposite sex claims as their own, as this might turn us into effeminate boys when we grow older. Such is the rule for most households where gender roles were pronounced and any display of girly behavior was frowned. This was strictly enforced, except in our house, for I sometimes had to spend time with my sister to strengthen the sibling bonds, and maybe, to learn the rudiments of sensitivity so I may never have the impression that females are weaker and different from men.

While suspicion lingers that I was merely left to do as I please, the liberty allowed me to acquire those colorful dolls sold at some corner store in school. The two-dimensional cut-outs are made from thin sheets of cardboard paper. Its sundry outfits and accessories are separated so that it could be worn by securing the folding tabs over the female figure. I recall dressing the dolls when no one is looking. At a young age, I was certain of getting into trouble when my father finds out I've been playing with girls' stuff.

But still, I pursued such pastime, alone, for reasons I no longer recall.

It was a fleeting fancy, much like the plastic water guns and Styrofoam planes that took out a chunk of my allowance. While the dressing up part didn't transform me into a couture expert or a fashion designer, it is with much appreciation that I cherish this memory while playing Covet Fashion app on my Android phone. 

Olaf Strackynzky Design

Though it might have been a deviation from my character to indulge in such time-waster, (knowing I only played it to impress upon my gay friends my prowess in clothing digital dolls with branded shoes, jewelry and dresses) there is immense joy in knowing that on my twelfth year of gay hood, I was able to connect with that obscure childhood memory, whose juvenile curiosity lead him to venture into the world of fabrics and colors.

And write his story.


citybuoy said...

So many of my friends are hooked to Covet! Haha maybe I'll give it a shot one of these days. Digital paper dolls. What will they think of next?

Mugen said...

CityBuoy: Tumigil na nga ako at bilang maari akong ma-adik. Hihi.