Monday, January 19, 2015

The Five Blessed Days

Take away the religious traditions and blind adoration and all you can see is pure joy: reverie; the collective goodwill of 100 million souls.

- Thoughts while watching the flock attend Pope Francesco's Eucharistic Celebration at Luneta while a storm passes overhead.


Sepsep said...

I was there in Luneta together with millions of fellow Filipinos. Doon na kami nag-overnight since Saturday evening. Hindi ako religious, pero di ko maintindihan ang sarili ko kung bakit nagawa kong i-endure ang lahat ng hirap, kung bakit ako nag-sakripisyo: gutom, pagod, basa, nilalamig, naiihi, at puyat. Pero I am sure of one thing; I am so amazed nung makita at ma-experience ko personally kung gaano ka-strong ang faith ng mga Filipino. Nakaka-inspire. :)

Mugen said...


Good for you, I was there at 4:30 AM after walking from UST and the crowd drove me back. It was deeply moving though, when I saw everything on TV that afternoon.