Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Puñta (Little Stories Pt. 1)

Every Monday, the team and I are needed in the office for the product consultation with the client. The Skype sessions last less than an hour, after which, we are free to return home to resume work. Tonight would have been one of those random audience with our stateside associate, except that the CEO of the company we render work apparently got disappointed with our shabby customer service. 

We were prepared to state the chronology of events, and if necessary, admit our incompetence. 

To our collective relief, the email was addressed to another department, and that, we are still under the good graces of the big boss. The meeting was adjourned after the run through of this week's list of items to be resolved. But instead of heading home, I invited my junior officer for a drink.

What began as casual talk at Puñta, while gorging on Piel de Pollo, (chewy chicken skin topped with herbs and spices) turned rather somber when my colleague made a disclosure about his future career plans. Before he joined the management two years ago, he used to work in Singapore. He was laid off before his first year and had to return home. Now his ex employer went the extra mile to find him, and get him back. 

Another job offer awaits in the city state.

"Kung hindi lang 20K ang maiipon ko kada buwan, ayaw ko sana umalis." He confessed while downing our second bottle of sub-zero San Miguel Beer. Inside the upscale bar, Latin Samba music layers a merry vibe to sleeve our rather glum talk. 

Understanding his reason, I gave him my blessing and even offered to help compose his resignation letter. He worries, our boss would not accept it.

I promised to intervene.

Keeping my thoughts to myself, though, so as not to weaken his resolve for a better life, I would have said his departure would be a big loss for everyone.

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citybuoy said...

It's sad! A colleague of mine accepted an offer sa Japan naman. I wish we could get to the time where people can earn enough for their families without having to leave the country. :(