Monday, March 16, 2015


"Play the video again." 

The Weatherman instructed when I made a comment on one of the Vimeo links he shared on Twitter. Someone had created an animated clip of what the Skyway 3 would look like upon completion. It shows the entire length of the elevated highway, from Buendia to Balintawak, and it includes a portion in Santa Mesa that used to baffle me when news came out that the project was approved. I cannot picture how the engineers and designers would construct a motorway when homes and motels block that section of the passage. The video clearly shows how it will be done.

"I-mute mo, then play this song."

I obliged, at once.


The video shows an engineering marvel that would bisect the heart of the city. There are sections of the Skyway where bridge decks are stacked on top of the other, and are supported by single massive columns below. There are also entry and exit ramps, for god knows how, would be built in places where buildings now stand. Once the project is finished, the elevated bridge would look like a concrete serpent slithering across a blighted urban landscape. 

It will be a sight to behold.

What makes this short clip truly groundbreaking is the promise it brings. Seldom do I weave dreams for souls other than those of my blood. Should I succeed in getting my act together, and if such time happens when I remain under the initiator's spell, this blog entry may well be the beginning of that journey with the person who made it all happen:

"Nandito na ako sa labas ng building ninyo." I would SMS the guy shortly after parking my Chevrolet Spark. After waiting for almost an eternity, he would finally show up, sit next to me, and buckle up the seat belt before the long drive.

"Did you bring your camera?" He would nod before rolling down the car windows for some breathtaking panorama of the Laguna de Bay and the Fort Bonifacio skyline on the horizon.

And as we go up the concrete ramp, I would connect my phone to the hatchback's sound system. We would cruise the entire length of the newly-constructed motorway for some road trip my heart yearned to happen. He wouldn't know this, for sure, and should this time happens, I would play this song for him, the same Progressive House Music he once instructed me to listen, not knowing I would loop it over the years, while conjuring scenes of us riding into the sunset. 

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