Thursday, September 8, 2011

Job Ad

PPOC is a start-up company in Makati. Our culture is to hire young, smart, and hard working people to join our team. Because we are a startup you have the potential to join a fast growing group of people and move into leadership roles quickly. Literally, the new employees of today are the managers of tomorrow.

Job Description:

We are looking for experienced link builders to comment on Blogs, linking back to a wide range of URLs and anchor text. Instructions for finding appropriate blogs will be provided, as well as a proprietary tool that we have created to record links for each website. We need someone to simply leave comments with a link, and record the links in our internal, web based tool...

Isang basa lang, mukhang mapapa-submit ako ng resume dahil pasok sa qualifications nila ang credentials ko. The job ad was nicely written and all the necessary details were included. Halatang professional ang nag-compose ng advertisement. Dedma na sa salary, it's the promise of career growth that attracts me to the start-up company. 

Ganitong-ganito rin ang job advertisement ng company ko noon. Nabasa ko yun sa Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Edition. Sabi sa ad, stress-free at laid back ang environment. We can even go to work even in our house clothes.

Six years later, a lot of things have changed. Hindi man siya ganun ka-stress free gaya ng dati, but people who have moved elsewhere would still say na na-miss nila magtrabaho dito. Especially nung time na hindi pa ganun ka-strict ang hierarchy.

A few months ago, I could have sent my resume, including a well-thought cover letter. Lahat siguro ng ka-eklatan na ma-iisip ko ay ilalagay ko sa application letter kasama na ang first name ng job poster (huwag ka, talagang sinusuyod ko sa Internet ang e-mail makuha lang ang first name ng HR. Lolz.) The string of recent failures didn't damp my spirit. Mas palaban pa nga ako eh. Pero after all this time looking for employment elsewhere, some realities have emerged. It made me rethink about my career options and act like I am invested in the company.

"Baka naman hindi ka na bumalik pagkatapos nito." Yun ang hirit ng boss ko a few days before the supposed effectivity date ng resignation ko. Nag leave of absence kasi ako para samahan si JC manood ng Zombadings sa UP Theatre.

"Sir naman, hindi naman ako ganun no?" Pero in fairness, may very, very slight tendency rin akong kumain ng words. 

"Pasensya na, naprapraning lang." Sa totoo, hindi ko alam kung bakit ganoon ang reaction ng boss ko. Why am I so important when I'm not even part of the production team. Kung tutuusin naman eh parang Appendix lang ang role ko sa office. Tingin ko, kaya namang gawin ng iba ang mga tasks na naka-assign sa akin.

At this point, I'm not really concerned of losing my job. Sa totoo, mas excited ako sa prospects ni Bentusi kasi I think her company is getting bigger. Parang sarap-sarapan rin ang feeling ng work-at-home lalo pa't Eastern Atlantic Time ang body clock ko. At the same time, Limbo naman ang tingin ko sa day job. Pumpasok lang ako para magpalaki ng bayag, kung hindi man rumaket...

But wait, hindi yun ang talagang point ng entry ko.

While reading the job ad at Pinoyexchange, isa lang ang naglalaro sa isip ko. The boss wouldn't know, so as the other major players at work. But in my wildest dreams, I wish it was me posting that job ad, for a new account na ako mismo ang naghanap abroad, nag-negotiate, at nag-pasok sa company.   

When that happens, I can finally take-off with flying colors and look for another career - perhaps a teacher or an NGO worker kasi alam ko, naka-full circle na ako. 

Instruction manual will be provided with instructions how to use our Link Recording tool, as well as detailed specifics of the URL's, Anchor Text, and Descriptions to be used within the comments.

The ideal candidate will work quickly and efficiently, with a strong attention to detail. Previous experience building links is preferred. 

Skills Required:
• Basic Internet Knowledge including performing Google searches and finding information online
• Basic Computer Skills
• Knowledge of basic SEO concepts
• Directory Link building experience
• Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
• Ability to learn new skills quickly and adapt to changes in processes
• Independently identify issues and work through the problems to complete tasks
• Attention to detail and deadlines

Excellent pay, dayshift work, great chance to rapidly advance.  


the green breaker said...

Vonggacious! I-go na itey! But: dayshift work. So fulltime itech?

At napadaan ako sa kumakain ng words. Parang ako lang, sabi nga ni tito fox. LOLz

bien said...

Parang swak na swak sa banga.
Goodluck sa pagpapalaki ng kaperahan at di lang ng bayag

red the mod said...

A step back, to assess and evaluate, seems timely and exigent.

Blessie said...

Link building is not a job for you. This is a very poorly paid type of "article" writing plus -- to make it a little more tedious -- data entry. You remember our comment-writing assignment? It would probably be something like that, except (1) the number of required comments will probably be more, (2) the price per comment will probably be less [there came a point when our client mentioned he was receiving offers for 10 cents or 4 pesos per comment, I told him he should take those because we don't work at that price], (3) you'll have to find your own blogs to comment on, and (4) you'll have to input the comments, email address, and backlinks on the blog, and hope to god it is not moderated.

Find something better; there always is one.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

If you are up for it then go. It seems like you have made up your mind already so better satisfy your curiosity and the need for growth.

God bless!


Mugen said...


Naku, for the first time I decided not to send my resume. I'd rather stay and hopefully, find clients for my present company.

God Bless rin.


If puwede nga, I'd rather go full time with Escrive eh. Hehe.

Thanks for the information.


I agree with you, this is a step-back moment.

Mugen said...


I have my goals set. Sana nga pumasok sa jar.

Thank you friend.

Green Breaker:

Baka gusto mo mag-apply kiddo. :) I'll send you the email. Better yet, you can try with Bentusi. Click mo lang yung name niya sa entry and you will find her job ad.

Nako sobrang bait at galing niyan na editor. Yun nga lang, you have to beat the deadlines. :)

ZaiZai said...

sabihin ko sana good luck sa career move, kaya lang nabasa ko nang you won't be applying. ok yan! be patient and I'm sure your decision to stay will payout :)

wanderingcommuter said...

a couple of years back, someone told me about the analogy of the tree; that it grows even though it stays put. last year, pinutol ko na yong tree na yun... linagay ko sa malaking paso at tinanim ko sa mas malaking garden...

i think you should move your tree na rin...

miss you kuya joms!

Mugen said...


On the contrary, that single tree that person mentioned already has two nearly equal branches.

And still, it takes root from the soil where it life. :)

Abangan ang mga susunod na entry. Hehe.

I mishu. Hindi talaga magtugma ang schedule natin.


I really wish so. Sana nga.

Sean said...

gusto ko ring mag-teacher ulit. napa-reminisce tuloy ako at napasulat. turo na lang tayo mugs. gusto ko sa depressed areas. paano ba tayo yayaman muna bago yun hehe.

the green breaker said...

Waw, dunong-dunungan daw ako sa pagsulat teh? Sapat na ang Math para paduguin ang ilong ko. Haha. Kalurkei ang suggestion mo. Pero [napaisip bigla] titignan ko nga. I'll make silip.. :)

JohnM said...

Gusto ko din sana mag-apply kasi I needed a stress-free job, kaya lang reading Nanay Blessie's comment made me think otherwise. Oh BTW, feeling close lang ako kay Ms. Blessie cause I also read her blogs. Siya pala si Bentusi? hehehe.