Friday, September 2, 2011

Ebb And Flow

Our total production for August has dipped by 17 points. The data I collected several days ago was then compared from the outputs we had in the previous months. Naturally, the boss was upset. But knowing that we are at the mercy of our clients, the least thing we could do is hope that September's report wouldn't be as terrible as today.

The downward spiral has never happened since the company had to let go half of its workforce. The scars of retrenchment are still visible as some of those who were forced to leave are still searching for work. While the slide wouldn't lead to the immediate closure of the company, the signs are pointing towards the wrong direction. Much as I would like to see our situation favorably, we are being dragged by forces beyond our reckoning. Our business model is six years old. Technology has grown leaps and bounds since then.

Our market is already saturated.

Business instincts tell us to diversify, but the snail pace progress keeps us dependent on our current line of service. An attempt was made to follow Bentusi's footsteps, but it was a disastrous venture. Not only did it cement my allegiance to the raketship, a  fallout ensued between me and the project handler.

Across the floor, prospects are bright for our call center department. A new client signed the contract a few weeks ago. And while the account proves more challenging than the present complement, the booming contact center wing remains the silver lining to the maelstrom we found ourselves in.    

The emissaries have all returned empty handed. Despite my bold move to search for greener pastures, I went back to where I started. Sometimes I'd like to reflect on the error of my ways. Was I too all-knowing during the interview? Did I appear too cocky for the would-be employer? Was it because I speak my mind too much, or perhaps I presented myself more of a co-equal than a subordinate.

Methods must be pondered.

What I am certain is that in all those interviews, hidden preconditions have already been set. For it wouldn't be easy letting go knowing my loyalties to the company remain strong. And once an opportunity comes, I'd be at pains to leave my team behind. More than a reminder of what life is beyond the rose-colored glass, they are my family. As some of you knows, my place of work isn't your kind of paradise - especially my paycheck - but for all its faults and disappointments, the company remains my home.

Whatever state we are going through strengthens my resolve to postpone my off-world ventures. The dip has allowed me to see my holdings with a pair of new spectacles. This urgency, while still in an abstract form is slowly taking shape. A vision. Maybe this is how things are meant to be. After all these years of being a passive worker, perhaps it is time I should take an active role in attracting business to the company.

If only I know where to start.

At a hindsight, maybe there is a deeper reason why I cannot leave. Not for learning new things from someone whom I used to look up to or a kick in compensation, which some people say is too low for my caliber. Perhaps I am bound to accomplish bigger things, neither the boss or I have foreseen some years back. I may not be equipped with the skills yet, or the leads and means to find suitable clients; I may not have the authority yet to represent the business or even the blessings of doing explorations that would lead us to greater heights.

But like the rise and fall of the sea level, the ocean remains in constant motion. To lap in the shore now while harnessing the tides will reward me of a dream fulfilled; slip and I might find myself forever lost in the open waters.


Pepe said...

pag work related post comment ako agad, no? :)

reading first 5 paragraphs, i said, this is not be the kind of text i should be reading, not now when i attempt to shoo it away from my mind. i am facing blows at work too, team and all.

and yes, though the idea of leaving is most tempting, we choose to stay to define, not the situation, but ourselves. and that for me is worth staying for.

you'll make it through.

Nate said...

it truly is hard to let go of something that's dear to you.. i'm sure there are great things ahead, kuya joms.. who knows? maybe you would be reaping rewards if you stay a little more..

but if you deem it necessary to, as you said, search for greener pastures, then so be it!

the best of luck to you and your company, kuya! :D

the green breaker said...

I highly regard your sense of consanguinity to a company, to its hires. I even think that, the company is very lucky to have you, for most people who work now would think of their posts as something that they need to get over with, unlike you who would want to travail for the job.

Should your efforts fail, remember that everything is a matter of time. If time is not yet ripe for you to leave the country, then the universe will conspire to chain your feet in Manila. Only He can be our hourglass: The best thing that we can do while letting the sand trickle is wait, patiently, even if painstakingly.

I will be here as company until that time for you comes, kuya. :)

Sean said...

just continue exploring mugs. at the end of the day you still can stay, at least may options. naniniwala rin ako na hindi ibinibigay sa atin ang mga bagay na hindi para sa atin. pwedeng timing lang at darating rin ang bagay kung saan tayo magiging masaya.

Leo said...

Smart and resilient. That's you. :)

Where do you get motivation?