Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome Wagon

"this is another attempt of me blogging. i have quite a number of blogs in the past starting with Multiply which we all know has lost its following and people don't open their accounts anymore. i had one blogger account way back in college for my philo class though --- that was full of pambobola just to get a 4.0. Hahaha! i have tumblr and i blog every once in a while but i couldn't blog everything since i couldn't talk about gay stuff there. LOL. 

so you see, i don't write very well. so whoever is following this, thank you for being nice. haha! 

i'm JC, by the way. and this is my alternate life." 

One year later: 


Ngayon pala anniv ng blog ko. Hehehehe. 

His message appeared on my Gtalk chatbox. 


Talaga? Teka. 

*pause* hinanap kunwari ang blog ni kabiyak. Inabot rin ng ilang seconds bago ako naka-reply sa kanya. 



Buti natandaan mo. 

Notthewimpykid: Last week ko pa yan tiningnan. Hehe 

The fits of remembrance had me recalling my life the day Baabaa first appeared on blogger. A look into my own timeline reveals that I was about to start my Raketship with someone who would drop me at the middle of a remote training session. Bentusi's job ad would appear on Pinoyexchange a few days later. 

I was also confessing my past sins while lending my voice to the collective indignation at policemen who raided the Queeriosity Palace in Pasay. While I don't completely agree with the people who go to BH, I was crying foul at the human rights abuses and the trauma they got from authorities.

Funny, one year ago and I was already ranting about my fucked-up sleeping pattern too. The nocturnal habit is still there, in fact just a few days ago, the partner was nagging me to sleep earlier. Sinasabayan ko daw kasi yung Atlantic Time Zone niya. Haha.  

This was my life the day I spotted the Notthewimpykid setting up his own online space. Parang magkapit-bahay lang. Kulang na lang magkaroon kami ng impromptu house-warming party sa blog niya. I know he should be the one writing a post about his blog anniversary, but I can't help but recall what his arrival means to me.

Talk about turning 180 degrees from the life you once had.

Now, the Raketship is flourishing, despite my occasional Writer's Block and procrastination. While news about bathhouses had finally disappeared from my radar, perhaps, nobody goes there anymore. 

If there's a reason why the partner's blog anniversary has a special place to me, its because of its prophetic revelation of our future. 

Who would have thought.

Unknowingly, I was the first who welcomed him into my world.


Mr. Hush Hush said...

you were also the first to follow me, Mugen ^_^

how time flies, ka-age pala tayo hahaha!

happy anniversary to JC's blog!

the green breaker said...

It's cool how it all weaved. Like a perfect match. Happy birthday to JC's blog!

Pepe said...

Wow, nice way to start it all, yes? hehe. Happy anniversary to JC's blog!

tim said...

Wow- such a nice thing to know. For me, I guess blogging is something that helps me to say alot of rants and raves. Failure bunk. hahaha..

Happy b-day Jc's Blog!


onga, kadalasan ng mga bagay na nagmamarka sa ating buhay dumarating sa pinaka-simpleng pagkakataon. yung mga may kasamang pyrotechnics karamihan nawawala ang ningas kasabay ng huling kabog.

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

Talk about destiny. And love. And chances. this made me gasp "OMG". haha. Happy anniversary to JC's blog :)

MkSurf8 said...

aaawww! happy anniv!

Lyka Bergen said...


ZaiZai said...

:) happy birthday to JC's blog!

Mr. Brightside said...

It's nice to see some blog-loving here.. haha.. Happy Blogsary to JC.

canonista said...


Ang tagal na rin pala, nasubaybayan ko rin ang blog ni JC e.

Ang galing.

Eternal Wanderer... said...


e ikaw naman ang welcoming committee ng blogosphere anoh!

JohnM said...

Happy that you found each other here. To be honest, you both are the reasons why there's still hope for us single people. Sana magpost din si JC about this. Happy blog anniversary to your baabaa!

Mugen said...


He's a bit busy right now. Naghahabol sa coding niya eh. Wait till I reveal why our bonds really work. We know commitment, respect and romance are required to make a relationship thrive, but there's one element most couples forgot. I'll tell it at a right time. :)


Miss Minchin, that's an impression. In fairness, bilang lang sa daliri ko ang una akong nag welcome ha! Lolz.


Thank you!


Let him be the one to respond to you. Hihi. Thanks na rin.

Mugen said...


Ma-keso na nga eh. Slight. Hay nako may utang pa akong mga blog entries sa iyo. Lolz.


17 days pa. Hehe.


Funny, you spoke about fate. As in, wala akong idea before. As in. :) I could have ended with another person but somehow, I was paired with JC.

Kuya D:

Tama ka diyan. Sa iyo ko rin natutunan na ang pinakamalalim na alaala ay yung mga bagay na simple lang, gaya na lang nung mga road trips natin sa Tagaytay at nung pumunta ako sa hospital para bisitahin si Mamang kasama si You know who. :)

Mugen said...


We all start that way, and then we grow. :)


It was the prologue. The prelude comes at a much later date.

Green Breaker:

I'm sure you had your moments too. But somehow it didn't work. Tama ba?

Mr. Hush:

Magka-age kayo ng blog ni JC. Haha. Found you through Corporate Closet.

Viktor Saudad said...

walking down memory lane...sigh

Nate said...

@mugen: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ang sweet, kuya joms! :) happy blog anniversary kay JC!! :D

the green breaker said...

Mugen: Apparently. All my fault naman 'yun. Haha. It has everything to do with maturity.

Ternie: Haha, wag mo awayin si kuya Joms! Bait bait yan. Just to make a quick fun note, si kuya Joms ang second follower ko. I'd not cement the idea, I'd just think na sobrang homey ni kuya. Unlike you, laging nang-aaway! haha. Charoz. Peace.

bien said...

Happy Birthday to JCs blog

Sean said...

Happy birthday to jc's blog and happy anniversary (in terms of your worlds colliding) to you both.