Thursday, February 7, 2013

Freedom Fighter

In a twisted dreamscape, we live under a mad tyrant whose armies are sent to conquer the world. There are those opposed to his ways. But they are forced to work underground or risk exposing the resistance. It so happened that I am an assistant working for one of the opposition, a leader whose face and body features are identical to those of Milla Jovovich.

We live in a three-story house overlooking the sea. The lady has a vast collection of dolls which makes her home eerie to live in. One morning, I stuck my head out the window and saw the tyrant's army on the march. They have established a beach head along the waterfront.

I alerted the mistress to their presence and urged her to flee. She did without hesitation leaving me and a servant to delay the intruders. Soon, I heard the soldiers knocking at the door. Thinking it was a random house belonging to a local, they didn't force their way through.

I opened the door. 

The one assigned to the search party was a young soldier. Possibly a new recruit. Behind him was a mature looking grunt who appeared to be his superior.

They searched all over the place, while asking random questions to me and the servant. The servant reminded me of Corazon, the black lady with a low-pitch voice in Marimar. Her pot belly, big flabby arms and buttocks and dark skin are too distinct to mistake her for someone else.

As the search went on, I remember taking some items from my closet. I have this feeling they will burn down the house after we are taken custody. 

"Kaano-ano mo ang may-ari ng bahay?" The young soldier demanded answers.

"Tita ko po, pero matagal ko na hindi nakikita." I said while ducking on the floor.

I was ready to make an escape through the side windows (after putting a pair of boxers, a small toy I found inside the drawer and a picture of me and my mom I snatched from the frame inside my pants.) when I thought of a better idea.

"I want to serve the army someday," I said, to my captor's amazement. 

We were about to leave the house when I heard the servant whimpered. Apparently, the other soldier was touching her private body parts.

"Ang laki ng suso." He said softly. "At ang tambok ng puwet."

"Sir paano yun, maiistorbo natin sila." 

"Isara mo muna yung bintana." The young soldier ordered.

I don't know if he was simply letting his superior off the hook, or he wanted to join the fun before returning to base. But without second thought, I grabbed my captor's crotch and squeezed it gently. He resisted. He even went so far as to drop to the ground to keep me from unzipping his pants. 

I knew he would sooner give in, but my sight began failing and my surroundings slowly fading. Before I was able to make my next move, I was driven back to wakefulness and realized I have fallen asleep.


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