Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Wilting Of The Flesh


You threw caution to the wind, and followed your stubborn heart. "I will give my all." You said, while rivulets of water are forced out of the spray bottle. At daybreak, artificial rain falls down your window soaking the Basils and Mints - the herbs you fear would wilt after basking under the late morning sun. The evening before, they too had their soil moist. You watered them after coming home from work.

The tell-tale sign was showing, but you thought it would be wise to ignore it. New leaf growth dried quicker than the old ones; even the healthy foliage began to wilt. The twice-a-day hydration went on for days until you came home this afternoon to find the plants stripped off their leaves. Birds were singing in the distance, you know it was their doing.

The absence of leaves expose the rotten stems. Entire stalks are decaying, the herbs are slowly dying. Realizing your fault, you left the parched soil baking.

Better to postpone the water giving the next day.

"So much for love," your empty stares failed to hide your resignation. It is as if something within crumbled into dust.

Bird Assault

"Too much and they die."   


rudeboy said...

Too much love will kill you every time.

Lady Datu said...

The "Wilting of the Prune"... :,(