Thursday, February 28, 2013

Desecrating The Waterfront

As we raise our fists to the planned reclamation of the Manila Yacht Club, the unseen have begun to lay waste to the waterfront. The Baywalk's famed sunset is Manila's best tourist attraction.

Compassion must be given to these folks. I want to understand what convinced them to perch their tents and stack bricks they took from the ground to build homes at the Baywalk. The transients even find it more convenient to lay a piece of cardboard for them to sleep on. They cook meals behind the concrete wall, between the boulders separating the sea and the pavement. 

I wish my eyes can see their plight, and be swayed to their side. They deserve dignity. They ought to have a better life than being a squatter next to a boulevard.

But when degenerates desecrate a piece of land I consider paradise, all I can think of is carting them all one night to a far-flung place and trashing their makeshift houses.

In my heart, I wish security guards patrol the waterfront, to drive these homeless elsewhere.


Tim Smithson said...

Count myself to this issue. It is really bad if they would push through this thing. BTW- i wasn't able to access your blog 2 weeks na.

Good thing now i did.

ZaiZai said...

I passed by Baywalk weeks ago and it was indeed difficult to see the homeless in their makeshift houses along the waterfront.

I wish they'll be relocated to a place one can actually consider a home. You are right, they do deserve dignity.

Blakrabit said...

I hope they find better lives than this. :-(