Saturday, May 11, 2013

Leadership By Example (First Part)

I say on Twitter that we have a perya in place of elections and a showbiz republic for a government. Don't get me wrong, for I am proud of our Democratic process - in spite of its glaring faults.

In other parts of the world, people kill each other for the choice we hardly value. North Korea has a demi-god for a leader, while Syria is a battlefield with no god at all.

Pity are we, for not seeing the worth of our political franchise.

So this coming Monday, I welcome my chance to vote, for in my hands lie the fate of the country. The candidates of my choosing not only represents my voice; they sum up my ideas of nation-building.

The first six candidates I will put on my ballot are the following:

1. Angara, Sonny

For one, Angara is cute. Sonny is the type you would likely introduce to your mom, and show off to your friends. I even had a twitter post (that he favorited) where I said that if gays elect as one, he will get the Rainbow votes.

Ignorance is bliss, and despite the bad press hounding him and his scion, (a news report alleges that the Angara family are land grabbers in Aurora, and that APECO is riddled with corruption) he still gets my vote. 


Because he is educated, smart and young enough to be swayed to the progressive side of the Senate. He has experience in public service and voted for issues I am passionate with - like RH Bill and FOI. 

2. Hontiveros, Risa

Her magic alampay ad campaign didn't amuse me - not at all, but her track record did. Risa has been at the forefront of Women's Rights and Responsible Parenthood when other politicians brush them off as distractions. When the debate on RH Bill divided the country, she stood firm and tirelessly shored up support - uniting all progressives so that forces against the anti-population measure will never again have their clout. 

I remember meeting her in a wake, a year after she lost the last elections. She was elegant and graceful; beautiful beyond description. In my awestruck moment, I still remember the very words I said,

"You will always have my vote." 

3. Poe, Grace

If Risa's magic alampay ad campaign didn't work, Grace Poe's poignant moments with Susan Roces in a TV commercial caught a whiff of nostalgia. It was emotional. The dialogue reminded me of a time when Fernando Poe Jr. had my sympathy when he ran for President.

Poe was also a guest at Magandang Gabi Vice, where she gamely translated MTRCB's SPG bumper into gay speak. While these sketches have nothing to do with my decision to include her on my list, seeing her eloquently speak in a national debate cemented my support. 

4. Villanueva, Eddie

From Conrado De Quiros, Inspire

While they haven't succeeded, I'm not knocking their convictions. I don't know Villanueva at all, but he comes across as an earnest fellow on TV. His religiousness or piety doesn't look contrived, or like a plaid suit that can be put on and off. He doesn't have a reputation for being crooked, which is more than can be said for many of the candidates. When he says he will not abide even friends and relatives who fail to hew the straight and narrow, he doesn't at all sound like Erap saying walang kama-kamaganak, walang kaikaibigan (no relatives, no cronies). 

5.  Aquino, Bam

There used to be a time when I posted on my Facebook Wall to never put another Aquino in public office. The comment stirred passions, and some heated responses from friends who know Bam personally.

I even said, to comfort those seem affected by my sweeping statement that I will reconsider my judgement. Bam has no appeal to me, and I hate that he's trying to look like his slain uncle, Ninoy.

But I am a well-informed person, and I know Bam's work in Micro finance and Social Entrepreneurship. For his expertise alone, he can author laws that will benefit the poor. The Aquino brand of leadership may turn off some, but with Pnoy enjoying high trust ratings, why should I go against the collective?

6. Magsaysay, Jun

History would tell that I am not paying attention - at least with Jun Magsaysay. Aside from being endorsed by Sir Chief, I am keenly unaware of his accomplishments. Is he the one who exposed the Fertilizer Scam? And did he bolt out of the ruling party when public opinion sways against Gloria Arroyo and her corrupted ways?

I still need to get my facts straight.

What I do know is that Jun Magsaysay is an honest public servant, whose statesman qualities have endeared him to people who have seen him serve.



Pepe said...

4/6 for me. :) wasn't able to vote last time so I am excited to participate tomorrow.

Pepe said...

I have 4/6 from this list. :)

JM said...

Pepe: Wait for the next five. Hehe.