Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beach House

and fill you head with
wistful memories
of sand, sea and waves
frothing down a listless shore.

Time forgets how long these ears have been spell bound by electronic dance music. Their sonar functions used to the slight, almost inaudible pitch, that it is almost certain for them to hear the difference between a Deep House and Ibiza by the sound of the beat. 

Not so long ago, House Music - as we know it - was just flourishing and multiplying into different styles. The genre trickled mainstream, until Disco House and the pop remixes bounced off the speakers perched above the dancing grounds of Malate. La Dida was the place of introduction, and from that day, no longer would Trance from my Ministry of Sound collection hold monopoly of me.

But this entry is not about my love affair with House and its derivatives. Neither I desire to cart the pages of history to reveal another look at my past in Orosa. This post is about the great finds I come across when I surf the radio stations for new beats. One such artist, whose works take my breath away lately is Mango.

  Mango feat Aqua Diva  - At The Edge Of This Mountain

Mango, Andre Frauenstein feat Ludmik  - Disappear

Google offers very little about the identity of the musician - if you don't know where to find. Using the right key words, a little known Facebook account leads to Alex Golovanov, whose hypnotic melodies is steadily gaining him a spot at the center of Progressive House circles. 

True to the artist belonging to an independent label, not even Beatport supplies details about Mango. His only exposure comes from dozens of anonymous fans uploading his work on YouTube. That is how I found him after some of his stuff were played on U-Radio one summer morning.

Despite his name hardly spoken, Mango's creations are short of divine. His signature minimalist sound conjures images of the shore, on a sunny day, with the listener somewhere in the tropics sipping a glass of coconut juice as the sun sets on the horizon. Golovanov must have though of sunshine in Moscow that his longings inspire him to produce sounds that perfectly captures the mood of a relaxing beach holiday.

Serge Flibustier  - Nowhere (Mango Remix)

A seaside escape may not be forthcoming. Not when pressing matters ground me at home. But when I think of the music that would carry my thoughts - to the palm trees and white sands, where not a single soul is there to block my sunshine; even at the heart of a destitute city, Mango gets me to my destination. 

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