Sunday, September 8, 2013

Night Of The Fallen


To demonstrate the warp capabilities of the newly installed Deimon Gravimetric Engines, the Dreamwalkers have decided to activate the warp drive of the Planetship. It would move the massive vessel out of the planet's orbit and into regions of space never before mapped by the ship's stellar cartographers. A press of a button, and a pull of a lever had given way to a loud whirring sound. Within minutes, the proto-organic shell jerked backwards putting all its inhabitants (who were already ordered beforehand to stay inside their quarters) in a mild state of panic. However expected and inevitable the jump engine test is, the result went beyond the expectations of the Magisterium. When the Planetship dropped out of hyperspace, not only did the navigators learn the vast distance they covered within days, they found themselves face to face with the Blue Planet they dreaded so long ago.

"I guess we have to stay orbit for a while." sighed Chief Magistrate Aenepada confiding to an aide. "We still have to re-calibrate that wretched Deimon Drives before we can leave."

Looking at the window to gaze at the storm-patched oceanic world, deep within, he knew the planet below is the only shelter they have - from all the heartbreaks of their interstellar journey - for now.

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Sloane said...

This gives me a feeling of the old and familiar.