Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Bridge

To dream that you are crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or a critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be a positive change filled with prosperity and wealth in the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one.

It was late afternoon, it seemed.

And yet, there were no people to be seen. Like everyone had disappeared, or had chosen to stay indoors. I remember walking alone. Like I was trying to find my way out of the maze of streets. Then on high ground somewhere within the empty city, I caught glimpse of a Gothic cathedral on the horizon. Its base was shrouded in fog, and only its towers and the upper half of the church's ornate facade could be gazed upon.   

I thought of walking towards the cathedral, for reasons I am now unsure of. All I knew was it would be a long stroll - judging its distance - and I have to cross a wide river to get there. So off I searched for the crossing, and at a bend was a sloped road marking the river bank.

As I reached the top of the ramp, I was surprised to find out that in place of the old stone bridge was a makeshift structure made of wood. I hesitated to cross to the opposite bank because the planks laid out on the deck was made of plywood. The bridge also had no barrier. If an unfortunate soul plunges into the river below, it would take a minute before his body slams against the water. 

In no way would I take such risk. 

An adult approached from the other side, while someone from behind overtook me to cross ahead. So narrow the deck was that they could barely fit together. Meanwhile, I decided to check around for clues as to what happened to the old river crossing. Save for ruins where scaffolds now stood, there were no traces of the past bridge. Probably it was carried away when the river swelled during a storm. 

Returning to the ramp once again, I saw school children running towards my direction. They came from the other side of the bridge. The kids crossed effortlessly, like they seem to know how to balance themselves, even without the hand rails. There were also boys who did tightrope walking. I only noticed the high-tension cable next to the bridge when some kids did the wire act to outrun those who crossed on the wooden deck.

The kids were gone, and the sun was about to set. Still, I was halfway between making a decision to cross, and reach the other side and turning back - to wait for a new bridge to be constructed. I didn't know how long I stood near the approach. But just when I was about to make a single step forward - to make my first attempt to walk over the flimsy deck, 

I was stirred from sleep and was dragged out of the dream.


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