Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ang Munting Perberto

I was twelve years old, and still very much attached to my action figures. I had to keep it a secret though, for everyone was telling me to look for another hobby. When no one was around or when everyone's asleep, I would draw my toys out of their hiding places. I would take the role of a producer, creating sets and directing action scenes for a play whose audience is no one but me.

Often, I would move my action figures with my thumb and index fingers. Improvise wooden dialogues I have come up with my juvenile mind, and create fantasy worlds I can manipulate at whim. There, lords and princesses assemble inside the closet; while minions and guardians wrest control of the room in their flying fortresses and fortified citadels. Both pieces came from discarded carton boxes and plastic packaging materials rummaged from piles of trash at home. 

The plot thickens and soon, I've introduced evil bosses and sprightly goddesses into my play as well. 

The goddesses were my sister's Barbie dolls, I "borrow" when she's out of the house. At times, they become cohorts of the evil bosses as they trash the "good guys" around. However, there were occasions when impulse rules, and curiosities turn the harmless play into something different. 

They say, what you see on television has a way of manifesting on your playtime activities. 

And as I recall, now that I'm able to grasp the things I did in my youth, it appears that my idea of sex bordered on the absurd and perverse. As to how I can still write the account in detail, like the playtime only happened yesterday is a question that still bothers the mind.

"Batman is one of the most powerful of the evil bosses. Undefeated, even by the combined forces of the guardians, his strength comes from draining the life source of his victims - the goddesses that his minions offer as tribute. Bound and unable to move, Batman acts on his prey by fondling the two humps in front of her chest. She moans, louder and louder as Batman squeezes her bosom with his prickly hands. Unable to contain his excitement, he shoves down the goddess' head against his groin, humping, as the poor victim is powerless to resist his roughness. He then strips down the goddess, force her to bend over, and mount her like a beast in a rush to unleash his seeds. The sexual organs stay within the confines of the imagination, but Batman's pole stuns the victim into submission. And as the goddess is being milked dry - a prey being ravaged for someone's consumption, she passes out, twisting and turning in delight."


kalansaycollector said...

haha and truly that was the "age of BATIbot". lol

anyway in a serious note, sad hindi na masyadong naeexperience ng mga bata ngayon ang maging creative because of the gadgets they are playing.

i pity them.

JM said...


Technology distracts, but seldom do they stimulate creativity.

gillboard said...

when i play with my toys... wrestling naman... yung perversion ko nung tumanda nako lumabas. lol

Geosef Garcia said...

When I was 12, I'm still doing role play fantasies using my brothers' toys or action figures. Usually ang scenarios ay yung mga anime na napapanood ko sa TV around late 90's until 2002. Ganun ako noon, until video games were introduced to me by my cousins.

JM said...

@Sef: the age of video games overlapped with the action figures. Actually, the princesses and guardians were Super Mario and Princess Toadstool. Haha

@Gillboard: It's my cousin who owns WWF action figures. :P

Soul Yaoi said...

I married my gi joe and alladin toys when i was young then used my little phonies to have them ride off in the sunset. :)