Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thirty Two

L-R: Shoturday at the Casa, The traditional birthday salubong, with a cake, Baclaran Church at 6 AM. 

There are many things to be thankful for: deliverance from sickness, prosperity that allows a comfortable lifestyle, harmony in the family, a borrowed time well spent.

The reality behind this post is that it took me an entire day to ponder what entry to pen, to mark the yearly observance. I would like it to be something poignant, ephemeral; a vignette drawn from memory.

In the end, indecisiveness prevailed. I was meaning to journal about that deed last week, when I returned the money to the laborer who withdrew it from the ATM. He accessed the cash machine before me. Left, when the cash didn't get out, and was not aware that his money was dispensed.

I would also like to write about my partiality towards intimate and somber birthday celebrations than loud revelries to welcome my day of birth. I'm not used to the spotlight; to be the highlight of the evening because I have long accepted my turn of age to be eclipsed by Christmas parties. Finally, I also thought of writing how this tradition of marking the occasion with a blog entry began. How it meant to be a quiet reflection and report of accomplishment in my sometimes turbulent and directionless existence.

None of these stories ever went beyond the draft.

Without a story to tell, save for a sincere gratitude on how the first few hours of the thirty second turned out, I welcome the year with hope that it will be more promising than the thirty first. That I will love more, care more, and get more opportunities to put my house - and life - in order. My wish also goes to friends and loved ones, that I maybe able to enrich their lives, become a force of compassion, and well-spring of strength when hope seems fading.

Like in the years before, three rites make my celebration complete. But in the presence of confidants and new-found friends, ex dates and near flings, never in my grandest imagination did I expect them to remember, call the shots, and turn out to welcome my new lease in life. 

Thank you.

In the silence of Mugenspace

All glory to the hand that shapes the world.

Happy Birthday, Joms.