Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Before I learned to raise my hands in the air, and let my hips drop to the ground; before I started doing pelvic thrusts with strangers and bounce my head to the beat of the sound; and before I learned to identify a progressive trance from a hard house, and get acquainted to the music of Fatboy Slim and Dirty South, I owe my love for Electronic dance music to a diva known to everyone as Cher.

I just remembered her, and her music as it was one of the questions thrown at me on Ask.FM. Those who knew me as someone with vast knowledge and ear for EDM could not believe that my roots lie with Dance Pop.


earl | outinmanila said...

Yes! Love her! But I'd add Madonna's Ray of Light album too.

Lady Datu said...

Do you have her latest album, "Closer To The Truth"? Win ang "Woman's World" single niya! <3

JM said...

@Mistress: Wala eh. :(

@Earl: Ray of Light is Madonna's opus

xion said...

Cher does have a unique voice. Timeless