Thursday, December 19, 2013

Creative Dissonance

The world is yet to be written. 

And drafts have not been penned.

Reasons remain elusive. But these days, I confess losing strength to craft prose and weave stories. Maybe it's the seasonal lull, or the mad rush of the holidays. It scares me. It makes me remember the day this page no longer breathes: that I finally fade away - like the stellar bloggers before me.

There are simply too many distractions. Noises, befuddling the mind. When the urge of creation puts me in front of the laptop, or face to face with my phone to put into words the contents of the heart, I'd be gone even before brewing the thoughts for the closing sentence. I am running out of ways to tell stories. 

The soulful writer hibernates.

But there are narratives that are yet to be inked. Journals, the readers are expecting to read. I am not done yet with my life as a bit player. Or what makes me so proud of Ndoto, my new smartphone. I haven't told yet the secret; why stall getting a driver's license when I have always been behind the wheel. The accomplishments of the year have yet to be gathered. Put in a sturdy vessel, to remind myself of life's turning points. 

There are so many tales that are in need of ending.

And I don't know where to begin.

A writer once told, the secret to good storytelling is to draw narratives from experience; to suspend time and speak your mind like there's no one reading. But if longevity is the question, and a creative dissonance pins down the writer, how can good stories be told when words no longer flow even when there's no audience? 

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red the mod said...

I, too, am at a literally standstill. A stalemate between my muddled thoughts that threaten to drown my heart, and the unceasing thirst to write, to express, to expound, to document. Yet here I am, sobered by the immensity of what I want, and need, to write. Maybe the detachment has afforded me a step back to assess, but it also has brought up questions that remain unresolved. I hope this weekend will give me both strength and perseverance to muster my grasp of language.

In the end, what we cannot say, we must write. What reality fails to provide, we must dream.

Happy holidays, hermano. Hope to see you soon.