Monday, May 5, 2014

Chasing Hours

Leisure activities had to take a backseat when the new project I was instructed to lead went live last week. As the nesting days slowly pushed my team to the front lines, the long pauses between job tasks have been reduced to a fading memory. No longer could I browse the web and read articles of interest like I did at work. I even have no time to post updates on Twitter, and catch up with people in my digital social circles.

At home, sleep and watching cartoons became a luxury. I would clock an average of 5 hours of shut-eye during weekdays. Meanwhile, watching reruns of Oggy and the Cockroaches on Cartoon Network have become a bedtime ritual. Within minutes of turning on the television and closing my eyes, the trip to snoozeland doesn't take long anymore. It's easy to sink into the realms of the subconscious when weariness and exhaustion had consumed what's left of your strength.

And I am just reeling from the first ripples.

A day wouldn't end without a poignant contemplation of tomorrow. Time for every activity, including the watering of the plants have to be counted. Work that never interfered with the wanderings of the mind now demands thoughtful dissection. Even penning words for reflection has to be done between eating meals and lifting steel plates. I sometimes fear these written musings have to be given up as well.

All because I made a choice, and my decision will force me to embrace a life chasing hours from now on.

"You are meant for this," the voice inside my head assured.

"But I'm afraid I will have to give up the things I treasure most."

"Like what?"

"Like prose, video games, and nightly musings."

"Like work outs, hearty talks with loved ones, and me-times I long the most."

"Well at least you have a shot to live out your dreams." The inner self giggled. "Can't you see you walk alongside the big boys now?"

"I do hope so." I said to myself when another email alert showing on my phone screen distracted my train of thoughts.

"And that gig you just signed up with TT, may very well double your wealth."

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