Monday, May 12, 2014

Wardrobe Upgrade: First Wave

Previously: The Wardrobe Crisis

News about the Markdown Madness Sale had reached me only a day before the event marks its end. The venue was at the Tektite Towers in Ortigas, and even if I was down with a flu on the morning of the last day of the sale, I forced myself out of the house and into the sun-scorched streets of the city just to get there and have my loot.

The brand names of the items on sale are of no importance, if one searches for great finds. No Fear, Keds, Sketchers - just to name of few - pooled their import overruns to make this bargain insanity possible. But then, what are these when compared with the likes of Nike, Onizuka Tiger, or even Cotton On? Someone who is into signature brands would pass up the bargain. Especially, if they got lots to wear, or they climb the social ladder by showing off their expensive tastes.

For me, it is the style and fit that matter. Sophistication must be drawn from within, with creativity and refusal to embrace the trend as solid merits. Brands are there for distinction. They belong to those who follow the whims of the fashion tyrants.

Given that I've got very few articles of clothing to wear, the Sale came at a most opportune time. I may not have the funds for it but using the credit card, (and some secret stash of cash hidden somewhere for emergencies like this) I was able to mount a spending offensive to add new clothes into my closet.

At a quarter of their original price. 

No Fear Jeans - 450.00 Php

No Fear Plaid Shorts - 300 Php

Creative Recreations - 1,200 Php


SilverwingX said...

Love the No Fear Plaids. It's a shame I wasn't able to get a whiff of this sale. Oh well, better luck next time. :D

JM said...


I've felt better fabrics. :) But the drop in price is fab. :)