Friday, April 2, 2010

The Abs Project

Saw a gym instructor binging on a large bucket of Nestle Fruit Yogurt last Wednesday. Let's call him Coach Leo and he's one of the most approachable guys at the gym. As he downed the pint-sized yoghurt with several gulps, I could not help but make a comment at how oversized it was.

"Coach ang laki niyan ah!"

"Ah oo, dinner ko na ito. Sulit na sa 100 pesos."

"Talaga? San mo nabili?"

"Diyan sa Puregold." The supermarket is just a street across from Eclipse.

"Ah sige! Masubukan nga."

"Oo mabubusog ka pa."

So I started eating yoghurt last night. It was meant as a complement to my ever-growing appetite. But its ability to satiate my hunger still has to take effect. The complaints of the stomach remains endless and I am growing concerned. As I searched for its nutritional value on the Internet (A small cup of Nesvita 0 Fat Yoghurt costs almost 40 pesos) I found a very interesting study which may prove its value for my money.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity (11 January 2005) also found that the consumption of low fat yoghurt can promote weight loss. In the trial, obese individuals who ate 3 servings of low fat yoghurt a day as part of a low calorie diet lost 22% more weight than the control group who only cut back on calories and did not have extra calcium. They also lost 81% more abdominal fat.

My eyes shimmering with excitement, I think its about time I firm up my abdominals and eliminate this side handles once and for all.


blagadag said...

thanks for this post, baby.

Padsiefoot said...

Lost 81& more abdominal fat?!?!?!?! Horayt!!!! Time to hoard yogurts!!!!

karla said...

salamat galen! i've been goin to the gym for the last two years pero di pa rin tanggal yung "abdominal fats." maybe this will work!

Nimrod said...

nice!!!!! yogurt for lunch and dinner tomorrow! :)

JR said...

Interesting information! magaya nga...kaya lang pag nabuntis kita, useless din ang abs project mo :-( ganun? nyahaha

soltero said...

buti kpa..yoghurt lng ang katapat..ako yta lipo na klangan ahhaha nman ng pics ng abs ehehe :)

caloy said...

makakatulong to. :)

Guyrony said...

And there goes your love handles...


Yj said...

mula sa linyang

"Coach ang laki niyan ah!"

ngiting aso na ako hanggang sa dulo ng post....

khoya naman eh hihihihihi......

seriously, kaya nami-maintain ko ang aking balingkinitang (balingkinitan talaga) katawan ay dahil lang din sa yogurt na hinahaluan ko ng skimmed milk.... i-ref lang overnite at kainin the following day... yaiy.... ambilis magtunaw ng fats.... natutunan ko lang sa mga haponesa yan... :)

Galen said...

Ayan ha! Nagpatunay na si YJ na effective daw ang yogurt sa pampaliit ng tiyan. Too bad, tinatamad akong bumili ng yogurt. I think I have to scrap the abs project ulit. Hahaha.

Galen said...


I wish I could eliminate it completely. At my age, I guess its impossible.


Susubukan mo rin siya? Hehehe.


Yoko... shy ako sa mga bloggers eh. Hahahahaha

Galen said...


Yaan mo, pag nilabas ko na yung anak natin, babalik ako sa gym at mag-aabs project haha!

Di ka naman baog no?


Balitaan mo kami pag effective ha!

Galen said...


You're welcome mommy! Hope it works! Mwah!


Di ka naman kalakihan ang tiyan ah! Bakit butete ka na ba?


Two years na rin ako sa gym pero wala rin talaga effect. Must be the age. Hahaha.

Nice to see you again. Glad you found me.

~Carrie~ said...

Two benefits of yogurt: aid in digestion and calcium. Stronger bones means more workout which is fat burning activity. Healthy digestion results in better absorption of nutrients, which would push you to work harder and burn more fat.

But if your problem is getting hungry easily, add more fiber and milk to your diet. Don't start me on milk. Of the lion. Echos! Milk has millions of benefits. It keeps you full. Just choose low fat.

Cheers to your motivation in the abs diet, Galen.

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

sige, humanda kayo!

Ronnie said...

I like Melon yogurt of Nestle. Sharing lang haha