Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hidden Message

A chat conversation
March 30, 2010

[00:58] redthemod: when you do your clubbing entries
[00:58] souljacker: uh huh
[00:58] redthemod: you find very little struggle conjuring the imagery required
[00:58] souljacker: to think
[00:58] souljacker: it pains me to paint the entire picture
[00:58] souljacker: every detail i see
[00:58] souljacker: every drama unfolding
[00:58] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[00:58] redthemod: you easily, explicitly, profess the milieu and moment with such pervading exquisite detail
[00:59] redthemod: the memory is painful
[00:59] redthemod: but the words are incessant
[00:59] souljacker: the tension is always there
[00:59] redthemod: flowing, gushing, like the emotionality of a trance.
[00:59] souljacker: you know the anguish of choosing
[01:00] souljacker: between an attachment that is deceptive
[01:00] souljacker: and something that is permanently fleeting
[01:00] souljacker: in the long line of histories
[01:00] souljacker: and legends
[01:00] souljacker: you learn
[01:00] souljacker: that its hard to discern what is real and what is fake
[01:00] souljacker: finally you choose, the easiest but the saddest exit
[01:00] souljacker: you go home alone.
[01:00] souljacker: believing
[01:00] souljacker: no one will find you anymore