Monday, April 26, 2010

Moms And Presidential Sons

Nanay Curing came out in a wheelchair to face the waiting cameras. Frail and barely able to move, she began to speak in low voice to defend her besieged son. "Kawawa naman po siya. Nagtiis na nga po ako ng hirap, naapi na ako sa palengke pati ba naman ang anak ko?" No one dared to raise a question. Everyone listened as she put into words her maternal defense. "Akala nyo ba di ako nasasaktan dun sa pinagsasabi sa anak ko? Halos ikamatay ko na. Halos ikamatay ko na!" Before she could finish her sentence, the old lady broke down in tears.

The interview was called off. Fearing for the mother's delicate condition, the family huddled to comfort the matriarch. As the elders consoled the sobbing Nanay Curing, other family members spoke to the press and aired their grievances. They accuse the media of unfair coverage. They say what comes out in the news against their brother were all lies. They even claim that other candidates were given more airtime to explain their side, while denying their brother a chance to defend his position.

And as the weary nation watches how the drama unfolded, the timely interview only stirs more questions rather than gain sympathy from the public.


It is human nature to commiserate, especially when a mother shields her child against all forms of pain. Who will not forget the late president embracing her dazed daughter behind the camera. It was caught after a live interview revealed the daughter's illicit affair with another celebrity. The mother spoke no word, while Kris Aquino's "I'm sorry mommy" before hugging her mother was enough to move a nation to tears.

In the case of Nanay Curing, the time to cast the vote is just two weeks away and the big question in the minds of everyone was why let the frail lady speak. Was it merely to gain public sympathy, or was it a publicity stunt aimed to deflect the accusations thrown against her son?

I wish to think the plea was done in good faith. But it only adds a whole new perspective between the V and the L - two very different hand signs, whose symbols starkly distinguish the people they represent. From the old lady, down to the sibling of the presidential candidate, all we saw were unrestrained emotions. They put themselves in a situation where their anger and self-pity were let unchecked. Compare it with the other candidate's three sisters (save for the youngest, who is known for surging TV ratings every time she cries on television) and impressions show who were raised with better upbringing and who are not.

Villar's mother should have never appeared in defense of her son. Not only was it perceived as a desperate attempt to court votes, it shows how helpless Villar has become. The mothers of other presidential candidates could have endorsed, or defended their sons like what Nanay Curing did, but they chose not to. They know what separates the public from the private life, and they understand that it's normal for controversies to explode. As for the beloved ex president whose passing has left a nation soul searching, her son would have never been a candidate today if she is still alive.

They say Nanay Curing spoke to vouch for Villar's integrity. But it doesn't nail the point. Why should a mother defend her son when it should be the son - through crystal clear dealings, untainted leadership, and truthful character - defending the legacy of his mother?


karla said...

korek, esp on your last point. they complain villarroyo was not given enough space or airtime e siya nga ang hindi humaharap sa accusers niya sa senate.

this stunt--rolling out your old mother for the cameras--is reprehensible. but what can yopu expect from someone who can play political football with the memory of his dead brother.

sabi nung mga kapatid nagulat na lang daw sila nang magdatingan yung media sa bahay at gustong mainterview si nanay curing. but according to a gmatv report, the media went there following an invite from villarroyo's office sunday night.

gud luck sa pinas pagnanalo yang taong yan.

red the mod said...

Because the sons inhabit a world replete of preferential treatments, ulterior motives and questionable integrity. That their reasons and defenses would fall on deaf ears to the reality of our political milieu.

Mothers, on the other hand, are bastions of integrity. They are best examples of selfless ardor, when blindly compromising their own situations for the safety of their offspring. Such is the fate of parenthood, and the curse of politics.

To be left dissected for the sake of inquisition, soon forgotten once the ballots have been read.

gillboard said...

and with that...


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i guess he figured if noynoy can ride his momma's tailcoat, he can too. but it's odd how this act just reeks of desperation.

~Carrie~ said...

Why should a mother defend her son when it should be the son - through crystal clear dealings, untainted leadership, and truthful character - defending the legacy of their mother?

plangganang butas-butas. nadali mo, bro.

Darc Diarist said...

raw insights written seamlessly. very accessible with lots of "exactly!" moments. galing pramis! :)

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...


Elias Jayson said...

hail the last paragraph. swabe. :)