Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kawasaki Roadgasmic Party

"Kawasaki Motors Philippines entered a new age in leisure biking history after hosting a one-of-a-kind biker’s party held last April 8, 2010. The whole Whitespace Gallery in Makati roared with excitement as five big bikes representing Kawasaki’s finest were showcased at the event."

The lead paragraph requires a different approach. After all, the article is to be published in a magazine. I was asked to show up in preparation for a new assignment - commissioned by a new boss - in a working environment that is all too familiar to me. The sights and sounds were too inviting, it felt like I never left the industry. A decade is not a long time to forget. Possessed with knowledge and experience in the field, I did what was asked, and savored the moment while it lasted.

The event was hosted by Kawasaki, a leading producer of motorcycles in the country. Though little do I know about bikes after giving up the sky, the marque is a name you can trust. It was already past 8 pm when I arrived at the gallery. I was late by an hour after a navigation error revealed a venue located at the border of Taguig. Earlier instructions seem to point the place nearer to Manila. Good thing the program has not yet started and the contact downplayed my behavior. Hard drinks were flowing and even when I was writing my name at the registration booth, one of the alluring lady ushers was already offering a shot glass of The Bar.

"Ah this is the good life," I said to myself.

The party kicks off with DJ Funkavy on the turntable. He spun club remixes while ladies wearing skin tight suits went on stage and jigged their bodies. A trio of gorgeous babes appeared and began singing Pop and RnB tracks. Songs like Pussycat Doll's "When I Grow Up" and Lady Gaga's "Love Game" still reverberates in my ears when I try to remember their performance. After the first set was over, the leotard-clad chicks went down the stage to escort the approaching hostess. Her name is Teench Doval-Santos and she is the Sales and Marketing Senior Manager of the motorcycle brand.

In her sexy bedroom voice, she explained what the event was all about. It was understandable to speak in such submissive language for the event itself glorifies the dominant nature of the rider. I cannot recall what her welcome message was, but the leisure bikes she promised to show were enticing enough. I was glued on the table anticipating the big machines appearing behind the black curtains, while at the back of my head, all I ever wondered was the thought if there are gays who have the passion for such big bikes?

One by one, the bikes were paraded on stage. There was the KSR 110 for novice riders, the KLX 150 which is built for off-road conquest, the Ninja 250R, the best seller in the Kawasaki line. The Ninja is also known for its light handling, good fuel economy and best of all, its streamlined, curvaceous design assures you a hundred pogi points on the road. Finally there was the Vulcan 900 Custom, a big bike which gives you a bigger and badder image when driving this machine.

The bikes themselves were already eye catching, especially the Ninja 250R. But what caught my attention was the unassuming and yet equally handsome Kawasaki ER-6F. Well mga parekoy, lets forget about those 649 cc 8-valve fuel injected twin cylinder engine and Keihin carburetor. Those specs only catch the true enthusiasts. Instead, lets focus on the aesthetic elements of the Ninja and the 6F. Imagine yourself in a party meeting two guys at the same time. Both of them are good looking, but one stands out as the crowd favorite. The other merely has this undeniable charm. Behind the runner's average looks pack a man with a lot of promise. (like maybe he's a very romantic partner or under his pants lies a cobra that's as big as an anaconda) That's what the ER-6F is for me. The bike may have received lesser attention at the party, but I'm assured of fewer competition.

The drivers of each bikes dismounted to introduce themselves. It turns out they were the big bosses of Kawasaki Philippines. After they left the stage, it was the Japanese boss' turn to deliver his message. Still, I wasn't paying attention (for I was looking at the ER-6F all the time.) He mentioned something about Alpha Males and being leaders of the pack. Since neither do I fit both stature, I decided to walk over the bar counter and take more shots of Kamikaze Cocktail.

Other highlights of the event were the short video presentation of the motorcycle brand's largest showroom, as well as the introduction of the more prominent attendees such as Robin Padilla and that ex general from DOTC. There were also games and give-aways to break the ice. Seven jolly guests went home with an iPod touch.

Much as I love to stay longer and mingle with the bikers, (sadly, there were no bloggers invited) my head felt woozy from all the alcohol I drunk. Shortly after my contact has left, I decided to leave the gallery for my long trek going to another booze fest.


Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde. Love it! ",

iurico said...

mukhang maganda nga ang ER-6f. Available na sa market?

Galen said...


Yup, available na sa market. Annapolis Kawasaki yata ang nag-ooffer. :)


Haha, nabasa ang header ah!

Anonymous said...

That's the first thing i noticed kasi,'dre, pag-check ko ng latest post mo. Just so happen na 'yan din ang naka-post sa fb wall ko for a very long time now. ",


Galen said...


Then I guess we're lost souls both looking at the stars. Hehehe.

Hi, my name's Elizabeth said...

Hi there! I read this just now. Really appreciate what you've written. Thanks! At oo, favorite ko din ang ER-6F! =)

About the bloggers not being invited, i'll mention that to my co-workers. Thanks again!

- Iza (luckintheleftovers)