Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A Repost

"Look at how the moon passes over the silvery landscape. Isn't it amazing?"

"Uh huh... And the chilly breeze makes me want to cuddle someone. Could you move a little closer... I want to feel you."

Leon turned his starry gaze towards his dreamy companion. It's the first time Avicenna spoke in such brazen language ever since their nightly vigil began.

"Fuck you! Get away from me you fag!" Leon gently punched him on the face before wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Damn you Avicenna, seems like our corner spot is turning you on huh? What if someone finds us?"

"Who cares!" Avicenna leans his back against Leon's shoulders. "What's important is that you're here with me."

"It will be a long night you know, and watching this patch of land next to you is the only moment I have before we surrender it back to hell later."

The vast expanse around them appears to enjoy the uneasy calmness as well. It's been months since the large swath of primeval forest, pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains surrounding their fortress basked in such eerie tranquility. Even the nearby city of Lumina shimmers from its subdued lights. A few weeks ago and its searchlights point towards the sky, watching for any Pathallasa fighters appearing on the horizon.

"I wonder when this will all end." Avicenna mumbles.

"If the fighting stops, it's time for us to go home."

"But I don't want that to happen!" Avicenna objects.

Before the stand-off began, Avicenna and Leon lived at the opposite sides of the realm. Avicenna was in his early-twenties: tall, fit, fair-skinned with droopy-sad eyes which enchants anyone caught gazing at them. He was a pre-school teacher before his crèche was burned to the ground by enemy air strikes.

Meanwhile, Leon was a farmer: buff, dark-skinned brute, with boyish face, chiseled jaw and with arms as big as the logs he burns at night. His wooden cottage sits at the edge of a grass-covered cliff overlooking the Epona Sea and the distant volcanic peaks of St. Agnes Island. When war loomed between their country and a neighboring state, they were conscripted by the then Girharde government. Unfortunately, its shaky leadership crumbles within weeks and in its place now heads the military dictator Mabushke. The Mabushke regime is known for its savage methods of quelling opposition. For Leon and Avicenna however, the bestiality of their leaders was never a concern. Their time being the nocturnal guardians of the east watchtower is all that matters to them.

"When this fighting ends, we will return to our old lives. It means you will become a pre-school teacher and I..."

"... Lets live together!" Avicenna suggests while feeling Leon's big chest. "I don't think anyone will question about it. Even the great leader Mabushke is known to keep a harem of fine young ladies in her barracks."

"But she has the power and we're just pawns in her army."

"Who cares!" Avicenna held Leon's right hand tightly. Sweat slowly dribbles from his face as he tilts his head closer to reach Leon's lips.

"Time is of no essence, I just want to be with you forever."

Before their lips lock, a sudden flash of light blinds everything in sight. It was followed by a searing wind-burst that tore both Leon and Avicenna's olive-green muscle shirts to shreds. With their naked bodies exposed, their flesh begins to melt like wax revealing the bones beneath their skin. With both of them weak and unable to speak, they embraced each other as the flames of death licks whatever was left of their being.


Their charred remains were recovered a few months later, together with some 200,000 unsung souls from the Gallente Fortress and the nearby city of Lumina. Whatever remains of their existence were the titanium dog tags chained to one another.

They were the victims of the Khorasan sneak attacks: A sad period in their nation's history, which was authorized and later denied by none other but Mabushke herself. It was said that she allowed the enemy to scorch the most insignificant parts of her country to have a pretext of launching a solar strike against the heartland of those responsible for the carnage.

The sacrifice met its purpose.

A few months after the incursions, peace was sealed between the warring tribes.

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
A round broken in two
'til your eyes shed into dust
Like two strangers turning into dust

Mazzy Star
Into Dust


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