Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day Of Infamy

Tell-tale signs already abound before Pearl Harbor was attacked. The Japanese were at war with China. Nanjing fell and countless atrocities were committed to break the spirit of a nation. The Zaibatsu had its assets frozen in the West. An oil embargo was imposed to weaken a military state. A country was being pushed against the wall and when diplomacy fails - the same words laced with promises that a war will never happen  -  Zeroes dove in and dropped bombs over a sleeping harbor and awakened a fuming giant.

I should have gone home instead of staying.

I should have called for an SOS when there was a chance.

I should have never placed my trust.  For soon it will be betrayed.

Swear to heavens nobody will know what happened after they left.  The scar may cause nights of sleeplessness, days of dazed wanderings, and months of putting back the pieces of what was broken.

There is no other choice but to live through the horror and remember.