Monday, October 18, 2010

Spirit Of Ondoy

The latest news bulletin reports that super-typhoon Juan has changed course and its new direction now puts Manila within range. Earlier yesterday, CNN plotted the path of the weather disturbance and its trajectory will hit the Cordillera Region.  If liberal estimates are to be followed, Signal Number 2 could be raised in the capital region by six in the morning.  If we are spared from its direct onslaught, we can expect some heavy rains as the outer bands of the storm skirts the metropolis.

Every time a typhoon passes, we are reminded of the deluge that swamped the city last year.  Some of us have never moved past the horror that our collective memory is still haunted by the floods when a heavy downpour occurs.  I live in a place considered to be the catch basin of Manila. I maybe fortunate that my home stands far away from fluvial arteries, but the inconvenience to a way of life when the streets become submerged is the same.

like when we will ever learn?

We speak of the deluge like it had never left our midst.  Ondoy has been immortalized in our words and personal legends - telling people of our exact whereabouts while houses and streets disappear under the torrent. 

But one thing we have forgotten - and perhaps - have even learned to deny is that the floods have been our doing.  My hope is that it would not take another tragedy - like Juan could bring - for us to learn that the trash we throw away

is the trash that comes tumbling back to our doors.


orally said...

when will we ever learn indeed..

time and again we need to be reminded i guess.

Mac Callister said...

floods come and go and people still do the same things...garbage anywhere...

Nimmy said...

sick sad world talaga. haaaist.

Soltero said...

the cities must adapt an organized scheme of collecting trash just like here in the US or in other developed countries; maybe it will bring about change if that happens. But up to this day, i guess,that still remains as a challenge to the local officials.

PILYO said...

a very intellectual insight papa joms.

parang ipapasa sa school hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

haven't we enforced an ordinance against littering for MM?

daniel said...

Every time na umuulan ng malakas ay naprapraning ako, na baka maulit ulit ang sakuna.

I agree that, kagagawan rin natin kung bakit nangyayari ang mga bagay bagay na ganito.

Ingat lagi sis' Godbless : )

Anonymous said...

kung hindi pa natin naranasan ang tragedy last year, hindi pa rin natin makikita ang kahalagahan ng pagmamahal sa kapaligiran.

tsk. sana matuto na ang lahat. :)

ahmer said...

disiplina ika nga.
Mu[g]en for President! : )