Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bundle of Joy

If insomniacs are shaped by the people around them, then I am certain that my nephew will become one when he grows up. At three months old, Lenin's bedtime is usually at past midnight.  He even cries when his lola tries to put him to sleep because he knows, the adults will stay up.  The favorite aunt would get mad if she learns about this, but in the company of vampires (where even the yayas sleep after Bandila) the tyke has no choice but to follow the body clock of everyone.

Mom is having a great time looking after the baby. Talagang kinarir niya ang pagiging lola. In fact, the parents are so confident of her maternal skills, they even leave baby Lenin under her care. 

There were days when my mom would put her grandson's welfare first before her job. If there's an excuse not to attend her class, she will do so without thinking twice. A dry-run for her imminent retirement perhaps? Minsan pa nga, the baby sleeps beside her despite my various complains such as having a cluttered room, a bed full of books, and even dusty surroundings. I even worry about my mom's health.  She's the one who gets less sleep while the parents enjoy their private time together.

I would like to be alarmed at their set-up, but I can't deny that my mom appears more relaxed and serene when she holds Lenin in her arms. The last time my sister went to her in-laws with the baby, the matriarch was cranky the whole time.

Infants are seen as bundles of joy since they bring warmth and harmony at home. I was told - when my sister was still carrying Lenin in her womb - that things will get better once the child becomes part of the household.

Totoo pala.

Seeing him smile at you when you come home at night takes away the stress from work. When he got sick, I lost focus. When my sister said that he will enroll Lenin in a public school,  I promised to raise enough money to put him in private school.  I still have five years to accomplish that feat.  When I learned that my nephew has only few toys,   I told Baabaa the next time we take a stroll at SM, we would buy him the most expensive one I could afford.

But that's just the beginning.

Knowing my penchant for spoiling those who are closest to me, in the future I'm sure, what baby Lenin can't get from his parents, he could easily get from me.  


uno said...

dito ulit nagpapansin

thecuriouscat said...

Totoo ngapag may bata ang light ng mood ng lahat, masayahin. Tapos lahat worried kahit may konting sinat lang. Saya mo nman maging tito joms.

Anonymous said...

kami ng kapatid ko ay spoiled ng favorite aunt namin. palibhasa kasi'y kami ang mga una niyang pamangkin.

i really like your nephew's name. love Russian names to be exact. :)


Sean said...

yay may post ka! was worried that another fave blog will be on hiatus. i also love my pamangkins to the point of spoiling them. kuripot ako sa sarili pero kahit di na ako kumain para sa kanila.

Louie said...

Baby Lenin is very lucky to be surrounded with people who love him very much. Lalo na sa iyo, napaka swerteng bata. :)

I remember spoiling my pamangkins after brother and I made peace, that it came to a point that I have somewhat neglected my son's need for attention. Kaya ayun, pantay pantay na sila, though I really can't keep the consistence because of my distance to all of them.

Mu[g]en said...


Maraming salamat sa pagdaan!


Tama ka diyan! Totoong nakakapag-pa light ng mood ang bata sa bahay. Pati mga away matatanda hindi natutuloy.


You know Lenin's not the real name right? But Lenin has something to do with my nephew's real name.

Kuwento naman paano kayo iniispoil ng aunt niyo para may idea ako. Hehehe.

Mu[g]en said...


Wow! I didn't know you have a son! Where's your son?


Ganun rin ako. I won't buy something that's worth a fortune for myself. Pero kapag sa pamangkin ko (or sa partner ko) hindi ako magdadalawang isip bumili lalo na kapag may occassion.

I won't disappear. Sabi ko nga, i'd die if I won't be able to write.