Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Without Blogging

Leaving a trail of my life has always been a practice since I  began writing many, many years ago.  It all started  when  my  mom  gave me a pink diary  to sharpen  my non-existent writing skills. I remember my first entry.  It was about a cousin's birthday and how I felt about it. The diary was soon converted into a dream journal  after a series of lucid manifestations haunted me past sleep.

In college,  I dabbled in poetry.  I learned to express emotions using distorted words.  Yes, I  fell in love with ladies.  Felt deep sadness after parting ways with college buddies. I wrote a poem after trying amphetamine with a friend, and for the first time, I addressed my growing tendency to be attracted to men with cryptic poems.

Prose was discovered in the online forums, where the Alien Nation  thread  in Pinoyexchange became my public journal. A tip from a friend lead me to write in Blogger and my life's mundane moments and turning points have been recorded ever since.

But what if I never discovered blogging?   How would my life be?

I  too, have no idea. Maybe I stayed with PEx and created my own thread to serve as my memoir. (which I think would never prosper considering the platform they offer)

My writing skills would never grow. One of  the samples I submitted before being accepted in Diliman was lifted from my past blog. In the latter years of my post-college life, some of my entries also became my class portfolio.

I  would  never  meet  some  wonderful  people who became my close confidants through the years.  Seldom  do we see each other, but their lives still echo through my writing.

So many things have been written and I plan to write more. Confident  that  I  will  possess a better brush to paint pictures with words,  I  will capture moments, in their minutest details and share them with those who will bother to read my works.

My gratitude goes to the 313  followers and hundreds of silent readers who continue to visit my spot. Human shortcomings keep me from reaching out,  but your solace keeps me enduring at times I was weak.

Thank you.

I was close to reuniting my two blogs before publishing this post, but at the last minute I  withdrew my decision. I am not ready to face my bitter past. The Fullmetal Dreams | Mugenblue  saw through my darkest days  and  much as those written there nod to my strength, my wish is not to be reminded. Thus the  words of the old Mugen will remain footnote to Souljacker's. But as an assurance that no words were ever lost,     

the first blog entry

Life is a bore without blogging.   Seven years and counting, writing will always be part of my life.


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

you said that we're have the same date for the blogoversary.. well,, cheers for you sir mugen.. and keep the fire burning..

couldn't agree more that life is a bore without blogging.. (in my case as well) hihi


Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

wow cheers on that sir muggen.. have a great anniversary on your blog... keep on blogging :D

canonista said...

It is our passion and our drive.

Anonymous said...

i told a blogger friend that your's my favorite space and you, my favorite blogger.

simple yet profound.

keep on writing. happy anniversary.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

amf@pink diary!

bakla lang talaga ano?


Spiral Prince said...

happy new year to you, Mugen. :)

Yj said...

kung di ko nadiscover ang blogging, my gawd baka lahat ng member ng PR nakarir ko nga ngayon...


happy blogging kuya. at salamat din sa pagbabahagi mo ng iyong mga kwento. :))

jc said...

nyay! yung first post mo parang kung pano lang ako magcompose ng blog na english. nahiya naman ako. wahahahahahah!

Louie said...

Had I not discovered your online presence a few years ago, I am certain that my idle moments will never be the same. You have truly been instrumental to my decision of picking up writing where I left it off ages ago. Maraming Salamat sa iyo!

Cheers to you Mu[g]en. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Here's to more years to come. :)

Aris said...

7 years, wow! just keep on writing, mugen, dahil marami kang napapasaya. nandito lang kami lagi. :)

Anonymous said...

Ionospherically over the top in the whole blogosphere, Kuya Mu[g]en keeps you enthralled 'till the very last drop of his words.
Trivia: DB is one among those bloggers who branched out from Mu[g]en ;D
-Désolé Boy

Sean said...

happy anniversary to your blog, mugen. 6 yrs and 8 months late in discovering it (and blogs in general), buti na lang may backread. this latebloomer loves your blog - the colorful experiences shared through such exquisite writing.

dabo said...



Ms. Chuniverse said...

blogosphere with Mu[g]en will never be the same.

isa ka ng alamat.

just like Ramon Revilla to lacal cinema.



Kiks said...

mu[g]en you outlasted many of us without really trying so. it was never your intent.

and with that, it gives us a lot of reason to continue reading seriously beautiful writing.

and possibly, go back and write again.

Anonymous said...

and my life would be a bore without your blog. congratulations, good luck and thank you. =)