Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sublimity of Attachment

It  was supposed to be a movie date. But instead, at 10 in the evening, I  received a text message from the partner telling me that he's still at a despedida party.

Rather than get disappointed,  I asked  the other half about our plan B.  He said, we should meet at his building - a  practice we apply when my idle time leaves me with  no place to go.  His overtime was already foreshadowed before the despedida messed our schedule, so when he said that he still needs to write a report,  I told him that I would take the long trip going to Ayala.

From my office,  it  takes a jeep and a bus ride from Edsa to get to his workplace. But that night, I chose the more scenic, but pedestrian route which is the Hulo river crossing.  Though there are jeepneys in J.P Rizal going  to the Central Business District,  their presence at night remains in question.  The answer came in the form of a  hike covering the stretch of  Makati Avenue all the way to Buendia

Long walks was never a problem, especially at  night when my eyes are distracted by the mesmerizing lights and ear-pounding sounds of that lavish strip.  When I  finally reached Valero after walking the narrow streets of Bel-Air, the partner told me he wasn't done yet with his report. Still, the delays didn't stir any violent reaction.  To make up for all the troubles, he went down to the lobby to give me  something to eat  - leftovers from the despedida. 

Eating the foil-encased meal at the steps of his office block would make me look like a vagrant. The call center agents with their cigarette and cancer-inducing fumes nearby also added to the pathetic sight.  Though I wouldn't mind being seen on the sidewalk, my classy side had a better idea.  I told my boyfriend that I would eat his "pasalubong" at Salcedo Park instead.

The park, being a quiet refuge for loft dwellers around it was my bohemian hideaway. Had I brought my malong (a mini blanket) with me,  I would use it  to cover the grass and throw a solo picnic.  Not satisfied with my fits of idiosyncrasy, I would plug my earphones and tune-in to the radio station that plays classical music.

That  night  however, I conceded to sitting on a bench while quietly eating the two slices of pizza and six pieces of breaded chicken patties instead.

But that's not how the night ended.

Less than an hour after camping out,  Baabaa called.  The small chat lead to more intimate conversations. He was apologetic, while I remained comforting. I told him that despite the change of plans, what I found was more romantic: me on a bench talking to my lover; me being surrounded by greens in a community park with barely any people; me waiting for him to finish his report at past midnight so we could go home 


I was almost tempted to say, "Ikaw na lang ang kulang."

But he didn't wait for me to deliver the words that would probably find its way on Twitter. Instead he suggested an idea which caught me off guard.

"Baabaa, gusto mo mag-intay ka na lang dito sa tabi ko?"

"Sigurado ka, papapuntahin mo ako sa office mo?"

"Tawagan ko si Manong Guard, pakilala ko na pinsan kita."

Between the two of us, it is the partner who fears being exposed.  I  remember a  time, an invitation  to visit  my  workplace  left  him  terror-stricken.   To find  myself a month later sitting beside him while he ignores those prying eyes and possibly office talk speculating about our connection tells how deep our bond has become. 

It already defies identities.

I was there beside him, playing Plants and Zombies on his Iphone when his tasks were completed.  It was past 2 in the morning and while droopy eyes greeted our shared accomplishments, to finish them ahead of schedule frees his entire weekend.  We left the building and went home together.  The movie date being a diversion, having my mahal next to me as I close my eyes to sleep is what I've only asked.       


canonista said...

...I found myself almost speechless by this post, Mugen. I can feel the happiness from this one. It also reminded me of a photograph a dear friend of mine took several years ago in his travels, I find it very much fitting for this post.


Nimmy said...

ganyan sila sa makati. hahaha.

naiimagine ko lang ung park scene mo kuya. ang astig nun! kilig naman talaga ako sa boyfriend mo. ang sweet!

Spiral Prince said...

the serenity and happiness radiating from this post is quite infectious, Mugen. :)

Anonymous said...

love really and is always in the air everyday for the both of you.

the post inspires me to find one na tuloy. haha.



datu/the wilted prune said...

meh. >;p

Yj said...

i have almost forgotten the kind of comfort your home here gives me....

napangiti ako kuya, kahit ang lungkot lungkot ko ngayon... :)

Nishiboy said...

hay. pag in love nga naman. lahat ng bagay gumaganda. =)

iurico said...

Kainez! Ang sweeeeeeeet! Someday, makakapagpost din ako ng ganito. Haha

jc said...

thank you, Baa, for being oh so patient and understanding. hehe. i love you! :)

Anonymous said...

i want this also, mugen. hehe. :) im so happy for you and baabaa. am officially a fan na. :)

Sean said...

ang sweet ninyong dalawa, nakakilig! na-visualize ko na habang naglalaro ka ng iphone at nagtatrabaho si jc, magka-hh ang inyong mga anino't kaluluwa haha.

howie said...

hongswit naman. i want that too. soon. :-)

V1nC3 said...

This is just sweet. btw - new reader. =)

blagadag said...

am teary eyed. joyous. very happy for the two of you.

orally said...

aaaaarrrggggghhhhhh, gusto kong magsaksak sa inggit. grabe nakakakilig nga at nakakatuwa.

sublime indeed! not just the writing but your love for baabaa as well. this is my kind of cheese.
and oh happy blogsary.

Anonymous said...

im crying. seryoso.hahaha. kinilig ako ng sobra. happy for the both of you. ang gaan ng feeling. ang gaan ng entry na to.

yung mga ganitong entries yung nagbibigay inspiration sa tulad ko na maybe. someday, mararanasan ko din yung mga ganitong eksena.

ang saya. :)