Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunny Side Up (Second Part)

First Part

It turns out, my fears were unfounded, dad. We were better off without Buding. Gone are the office intrigues shaking our people's morale. The entire rumor mafia was abolished when new blood flowed in. It wasn't the last we will hear from her though. Confident of a repeat performance, she put up her own paper to kick us out of business.

The realized threat to the publishing house was enough for everyone to put their trust in you. You had absolute control for the first time -  a privilege denied when your mistress was still snooping at your every move. Together with your sister and my mom's anointed finance officer, we were able to put up a good fight.  We were able to serenade our readers (giving them the content they want) before being distracted by our doppelganger.  Your friends from the industry, weary of a new rival worked to tighten the noose around Buding. In  just over a year, she was out of business.

However, our celebration was short-lived.   Cash-strapped and in need of new investors, we were not able to keep our heads above water. We  were  afraid  that if a new person comes along, our influence over our "little kingdom" will be greatly diminished. It didn't help that you found a new darling who was also your personal attendant.  Distracted, it was difficult to make a move without your hands-on guidance in our operations. This new one, she was a few years older than me. I could even call her ate.  You said your love bore a baby boy, a fact unproven long after you became a memory.

The stains left from Buding's reign began to poison those who were left behind. Without a noble cause to inspire us; without the money and support to fund our grand plans. Without a leader who will teach us the ways of running the enterprise, we reverted back to our ancient selves. 

The production and logistics team conspired against the finance department.  They said they were mismanaging the funds.  I would like to believe their claims - your accusations. But without a body of evidence, I cannot hold judgment. Things became  bloody  that summer. It was difficult to trust people,  and it was more difficult to run the management knowing I had never learned how to deconstruct the newspaper. One day, fed up from all the accusations hurled at the finance officer, (you got traumatized after your previous accountant, who you said pocketed hundreds of thousands from our company) you asked me to take over that department.

A phone argument ensued.

I had enough.

It was the only time I hanged up the phone on you, but that act of defiance will haunt me for years. I gained my freedom at the price of abandonment just when you needed me most.


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Spiral Prince said...

It's really tragic how the things we most mean oft get warped as the language of the heart and mind gets translated into spoken word, without us necessarily meaning to do so. We can't help it sometimes - there are just those moments when we succumb, to certain extents, to the pressure the world exerts on us. :(