Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay It Forward

I was about to leave the office this evening when the boss called my attention. I thought he would talk to me about the recent drama at the floor, but instead he asked my opinion about a certain ex-agent who left the workplace without a word.

"Mugen, basahin mo ito." I leaned forward to read the email on his laptop.

The letter was from someone who had gone AWOL many years ago. The sender said that he regretted his decision and that he hadn't found work since his departure.

"If it's not too much to ask," the letter said. "I would like to ask your good office to grant me a certification of employment." He has found work in a warehouse, which unfortunately requires previous job experience.

I vaguely had an idea why the boss asked me to read the letter. What happened next caught me off guard.

"Anu sa tingin mo, pagbibigyan ba natin ito?"

It was only a month ago when I nearly resigned because I have lost faith in my leadership. The boss had to got me drunk just to reconsider my decision. In that one-on-one talk, I've learned how much we are alike. The management styles are so similar, I even told him that he's an older version of me.

A price was exacted after I decided to stay. Much as I have found my confidence again, I felt I am in no position to decide on matters as important as the one in the letter. Why should be I held responsible for someone I barely know? I don't even know how his absence affected the operations of the company.

For that reason I was at first, undecided.

"So what's your decision, Mugen?" The boss asked again.

I could have played the mean card and consider ignoring the agent's plea as part of life. But I am deeply aware that despite the downturn in the business, and the unresolved issues at work, we are still blessed. Just days ago, the arrival of a new client has diversified the business. Bentusi's little company, on the other side of the fence, is swamped with writing jobs. And despite the imaginary nightmares plaguing the homeworld, our heads are above water. Much as I would like to ignore the Architect guiding our lives, my heart tells me now is the time to be compassionate even to someone who has never touched my life.

"Payagan na natin sir." My voice was doubtful. I even had to asked him what he thinks.

"So be it." The boss gave a faint smile.

I cannot recall if I told him why I came up with the decision, but the series of e-mails revealed how desperate the fellow was. Before he left, I overheard the boss mumbling, "Good Karma rin ito," to my relief. True to our nature, we followed the dictates of our heart.

Business is not as good as it was a month ago. I even had to give up a potential raket in order to help a non-salaried agent make both ends meet. But so far, under my watch, the agents were able to reach their quota. The high-wire performance made more challenging because of the articles I churn out for the raketship without anyone knowing.

The agent will get his certification. I will personally see to it that it will be signed tomorrow. As for the future, we leave everything to grace. What's important is at this junction, we showed the better sides of our humanity and decided to pay forward the gifts that we have recieved.


jetlander said...

You're a good man.

Pepe said...

naku, kung lahat ng bosses have the same style as you, parang ang dali lang ng buhay at trabaho. and if you are working in a company where mentorship is done by tagging a name in an intranet, then you must be one of those bosses who got the most number of tags!

(at may perks and freebies pag madaming tag sayo! hehe)

^travis said...

this entry reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

"when you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy and glad because God is answering that person's prayer through you"

bien said...

You just made his day! And his family too.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

Good decision, Mugen ^_^ It does pay to do good, uhm, sometimes hehe Seriously though, I don't find gratification also if the person is already on the edge and you push him off the cliff, as much as you want to.

You are on your way to becoming a good boss!! :)

Inspiring. Morning!

Nate said...

kudos to you, Sir Mugen.. a job well done.. *handshake*

Lady Datu said...

Kung Certificate of Employment lang naman, I see nothing wrong. :) The agent still worked there afterall, AWOL or otherwise. A reference letter though would entirely be a different matter...

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

why not? i always believe kapag nagbigay ka may babalik. nasa sa tao na yon kung magluluko pa sya sa makukuha nyang trabaho...

good for you!


dabo said...

good will, even in doubt, goes a long way.

give it and move on.

life is good.

ikaw na ahaha!

miss you repa!

Wilberchie said...

I think this post is for me... wihihii!!!! I will resign formally na nga! whahahah!

Kiks said...

I don't know how bosses in Hong Kong are but definitely they are not even close to you or your boss or a few of our pinoy managers and leaders.

because if they do, HK would have had values and people here would smile more often.

Anonymous said...

yes, pay it forward...