Saturday, August 6, 2011

Under Grey Skies

It is the second time since June. The bold Mr. Mugen sends his resumes elsewhere. These emissaries never fail to court attention. Interviews are set. Promises of future business stir expectations. While interviews hardly bear results, the sweet after taste of imaginary fresh harvests embolden Mr. Mugen to search for greener fields.

At the moment, Mr. Mugen languishes in self-doubt. Weary of work and mired in leadership, he sought to break free. Pressed against the wall, the only escape he knows is to run away from his duties. But for someone who seldom says "no" for an answer, plans for liberation flips  when the chief asks to reconsider.

After all, he has been thriving in the oasis for many years. The last time he tries to leave, Mr. Mugen learns that he is still under the graces of the chiefdom.

"Basta sa akin ka muna ha? Unless you find a better job offer, then I'd let you go." Why does he need to show his feelings? Why the need to get attached, boy?

"We both know you were born for something bigger," Bentusi once quipped. "How long will you postpone your future?"

But Mr. Mugen knows he is a creature of habit. And like his entire life has been, he is best at creating: of being at the forefront of making tiny ventures grow.

So he goes out at past midnight to have an audience in the business district, maybe his last until the itch to send his emissaries kick again. The invitation, he feels, may shape the next decade of his career. Who knows, somewhere beneath the thick layers of faithlessness, he knows where he is good at.

He knows where he performs best.

But at the back of his head, a gentle stroke of wind reminds him of his words. Like a pine-scented whiff of cold air coming from the bosom of Greenhills, he knows his vows.

"Basta dito ka muna ha?" An awkward nod.

So no matter what the outcome of this next interview, no matter how brilliant Mugen was able to soft-sell himself, at this point, the heart already knows the answer.

"Honor thy words. The future can wait a little longer."

One hour later, after the interview. "Double the salary. social media writing work."