Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writing For Children: Second Verse

After Jojo P. Belated Happy Birthday, Ate.

In the forest live three bears. Papa bear works in a bank. Mama bear picks the honey and berries and baby bear goes to school. Every breakfast they see each other on the table. Having to spend all day out in the woodlands, they need energy to stay healthy.

On the table are three kinds of food. Papa bear's favorite is oatmeal porridge with berries. Mama bear loves wheat bread with honey and baby bear enjoys eating a bowl of cereal with fresh milk and dices of apple.

One day, baby bear wants to know where his cereal comes from. So he asks.

“Mama bear, mama bear, where does my cornflakes come from?” Papa bear grunts.

“Your cereal comes from the cornfields.”

“I don't get it. I saw a corn before and its bigger than my arm!” Papa bear continues to eat his oatmeal while smiling at Mama bear.

“A big scary machine grinds the corn into small pieces until it becomes this.” Mama bear picks a small piece of cornflake from Baby bear's bowl.

“How about your bread, what is it made of?” Mama bear stops spreading honey on her bread to listen to baby bear.

“This is made from wheat.”

“What is wheat?” Baby bear looks at Mama bear with excitement

“Wheat is a kind of grass that grows in cold places?”

“Like the grass that cows eat?” Papa bear starts laughing.

“No, it's a different kind of grass. Do you know that Papa bear's food is also made from grass?”

“But I though he is eating porridge?”

“And his porridge with sweet berries is made of oats.” Baby bear scratches the back of his ear.

“I really don't get it.”

“There are different kinds of grasses. Rice is a grass that grows in rainy places. The wheat in my bread and the oats in Papa bear's porridge are grasses too that grows in cold places.”

“Like mountains”


“Like places with snow?”

“When the snow melts and the sun comes out, yes.” Mama bear tells.

“What Mama bear is telling you is that the cornflakes and the wheat bread and my oatmeal porridge are all made from plants.” Papa bear finally speaks.

“Like the fruits on the table or the leafy vegetables that we ask you to eat sometimes, grasses have seeds and grains that we can turn into food.”

“Ahhhh now I get it.”

“Very good.”

“Can I plant those grasses in the backyard?” Both Mama bear and Papa bear looked at each other.

“Yes you can, but can you take care of them?”

Baby bear just smiled and went on to eat his cornflakes.

The bear family finally finished their breakfast and they all went on to have a merry and healthy day.


bien said...

What is it bears that they abound children's books? Now they're also plentiful in the movies, the kind your mother did not tell you about when you were younger and pure. Chika lang Mugen. Good luck sa raket.

the green breaker said...

Bear nagsasalita! :) Tama nga si bien, bakit lagi kayang bear?

good luck din sa raketship..

Nate said...

ang kyot lang ni baby bear in trying to figure things out.. hahaha! for sure mararanasan mo yan kay baby lenin, kuya joms..

ay, pano kaya when the time comes that he would ask about "the birds and the bees"? :P

Anonymous said...

“Can I plant those grasses in the backyard?” Both Mama bear and Papa bear looked at each other.

“Yes you can, but can you take care of them?”

Eto talaga ang nagpakurot ng puso ko.
I feel na nabigo ko mga parents ko. Kailangan ko na talaga magbago and take initiative sa buhay ko.huhuhu...Tanx Kuya Mugen.

(parang close lang.haha