Sunday, February 12, 2012

From The Other Side

We were in a classroom.

The Businessman Aunt stood as the proctor while my mom was one of the students. In this surreal arrangement, I too played a part. I was also in that classroom sitting as one of those who will take the test. The Businessman Aunt handed me the test paper. She said to pass it after every row receives their copies. The Businessman Aunt moved on to another row, and just behind her, I spotted my grandfather sitting in a corner.

He was smiling. The kind of smile that tells he's missing everyone. And you know that he's happy - wherever he is.

"Tatay, pasensya na, hindi kita nadadalaw." He just nodded.  

I told him things I could not remember. It was a brief talk that had now dissipated after an entire day of wakefulness. I didn't figure the reason behind his unexpected visit until I told my mom about it. His gesture, I would love to share with the Businessman Aunt when we see each other.

Before the examinations began, he stood up, hugged my mom and then walked towards the front of the classroom. He then hugged the Businessman Aunt before leaving the room. Both daughters were never aware of their father's presence, not even his embrace. I then woke up and the dream lingered long enough for me to remember the details.

Nine years ago, the landline rang at five in the morning. According to the caller, Lolo snored his last snore and then he stopped breathing. Before dropping the phone, she told me. 

"Huwag mong isipin yung sinabi mo sa akin."

Two weeks before that morning, I told the same caller my dream. It was daybreak, she called the house to tell me that Lolo was rushed to the hospital. He didn't make it.

Several weeks before that dream, I prayed that if its time for him to go, I would appreciate a sign. I was hesitating to write his "autobiography" for I have this feeling that his time is near. Heaven was gracious to grant me a swift answer.

Lolo was rushed to the hospital that morning. But he passed away before he got medical attention. He was declared dead-on-arrival. He is the same grandfather who appeared in my dream this morning - assuring my mom and the Businessman Aunt - who are both facing upheavals in their home-fronts that he is still watching.

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Nate said...

you miss your lolo?