Friday, February 24, 2012

Trident Paths

If I would just pay attention to what the cosmos is telling lately. Maybe, just maybe, my place in the order of things might appear a little clearer.

Initially I was thinking of asking you to come aboard as one of our staff but I realized that you are already part of the family I couldn't really waive your membership even if I wanted to because of issues with other members...


At present, I have a full-time job at a call center. I maybe a supervisor and trainer, but my heart - as I am beginning to realize is into nurturing young men and women to become valuable and productive members of the society. Something within tells that I should impart whatever knowledge I gained as a student of life. 


Hi Agent-In-Training, Consider this an appraisal of your performance on your new account: 
*Let me remind you that as agents, we can never be bored. It's because we provide entertainment. While the word "bored" can be used for roleplay, the situation here is different. Why not turn the conversation around by keeping the user entertained? Suggested replies: "Lets stay here big boy and keep me company. Hate being alone. What are u doing?" or "Let me think about it. If u tell me how romantic u are, i might consider. :P" 
Your other replies are good. Some are merely filler. But since this is your first evaluation, let me commend you that in general, you are doing great. Keep it up!

Or maybe not.

All I'm saying is that the road ahead disappears and I don't know if I should keep walking.