Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mind Exercise

"Hello Mugs. How are you?"

"Okay naman.... Heto... Having my Brain Salad Days..."

"Brain Salad Days?!?"

"Yeah, alam mo yun. You've drawn out your plans. But it turns out, your thoughts are too scattered to focus on a specific goal"

"Like what?"

"Like putting my energies to writing that Travel Guide for Bentusi."

"Uh huh."

"Or at least, writing an entry for Baby Diego."

"To welcome his arrival, like what you did with Baby Lenin"


"Then why not try writing a few sentences, and maybe you could start from there."

"And then get lost halfway before the end. It happens all the time kaya!"


"Yeah. Sisihin mo pa ang Twitter."

"And what about Twitter?"


"Pansin ko nga. Mas tutok ka pa dun kesa sa trabaho eh."

"No wonder, you know a lot about the impeachment trial even when it sometimes bores you to death."

"And the lives of other people too."  

"Let me guess, you often suffer from info overload."

"More like my creative juices get drowned before I could speak my mind."


"Like write now. I'm talking to you, but I don't know where this little introspection would lead?"

"Then I say, let's go with the flow."

"Like what I did in the past? Nung adik-adik ako sa blogging?"

"Yes. I think you're writing has become too structured. You pay more attention to the lyric and form rather than with your raw emotions."

"Guilty ako diyan! I have so much to write, as in. But the stream of consciousness ends just when I'm about to put it in a medium."

"I think you're not the only one who suffers from this affliction."

"Sana nga. If only ideas are easy to express."

"They are. Ang taas lang kasi ng standards mo. Haha."

"Like that one writer who lets his entry sleep for weeks, so when it comes out its in its perfect form?"

"Yeah, kahit two paragraphs lang yung entry niya. That's what you call, 'condesada."  Haha."

"O siya. I feel much better. Thanks a bunch."

"You should thank yourself bro. At least, while speaking to me, you deliberately closed your Twitter. Diba walang distraction?"


"And you're not second guessing if you should finish this or not."

"Yup, but I will have to edit this first. You know, I love refining my creations!"

"I dare not!" 

"And why not?"

"Just for you to get acquainted with your raw side. I know tumatanda ka na. These days, you're better at hiding your soft spots rather than ummm. confronting them."

"Promise me Mugs, just this once, leave your writing the way it is."

"I promise... crossing one's fingers."

"If you find this entry too personal. You can disable the comments section."

"Okay. I feel awkward sa totoo lang." 

"Feel good about yourself. When was the last time you really talked to me?"

"I can't remember."

"I know your world has a lot of distractions. But please, never neglect this blog. It's been one year since you started recognizing the looming wordlessness and you're still here."

"Sabi ko nga."

"That's all. Go on. Publish this entry. Let me assure you pare, you will like your next creation."

"Sana nga. Have to go. Thank man!"

"Walang anuman. Follow my dare. I'm excited to know what will you write next."