Monday, September 3, 2012

Better Than Being Epal

Naisip ko lang, hindi kaya mas magandang political strategy for a government official ang mag-set up ng social media account sa Twitter at Facebook na they themselves manage, sa halip na magkabit ng tarpaulins attaching their name when local government projects are accomplished and yearly events take place? 

While not everyone has a Social Media account, the trickle down effect seems more evident as more and more people spend their free time in front of the computer. With all these cyber bullying incidents and breaking news making it to Bandila and the Inquirer, free publicity is not far away when a public figure is also active on the Internet. It's a long shot, but with genuine dedication to update one's timeline, having personal touch, rather than sounding like a paid poster, and a sincere desire to engage netizens, I think, a tech-savvy official is far more likeable than being an Epal.

You just got my vote, Mayor!

After all, Democracy is when leaders speak, listen and remain beholden to the people.

It has always been the tradition.


MEcoy said...

well i agree to that

Louie said...

O, there's a politician that is tech-y like Mayor Lim.

And then there are other politicians that are too tarp-y. Sigh, we're plagued by this epalitis. :(

kalansaycollector said...

infairness ang charming ni mayor. lol

Dyosa said...

Would agree to this.

Yung mayor namin dito sa Antipolo, After magpagawa ng school building - Me tarpaulin na kaakibat. Nung ginawa ung perimeter fence nung school - another tarpaulin was made. When after they finished the school's basketball court - they put another tarp for this.

3 tarp ung makikita mo na iisa ang mukha ng nagpagawa kuno.