Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Its Hard To Blog These Days?

1. Writing has become a drag. Why spend two to four hours conceiving an idea and putting it into words, when you can simply share your life on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? 

2. Twitter. It's dynamic, densely populated and it only takes 140 characters to send a thought or update across. And there's always a receptive audience who is ready to click the re-tweet and favorite buttons, or respond to the tweets you sent.

3. Economy of words. Yours truly, has become more verbose. And it's no fun having cerebral tussle when the heart of your blog entry no longer touches your readers.  

4. Martha Stewart Effect. These days, I tend to write more about the house plants outside my window, or finding ways on how to prepare for natural calamities, than sinking my head into the pits of a destitute life. I know someone who goes into a sex frenzy when he's high on E, and in all honesty, his life stirs more drama and struggle than mine. Sadly, he no longer blogs.

5. Language. Mahirap kumonek sa mga readers kapag ang drama mo sa blog ay magpaka-elitista sa wikang sinusulat - kahit ang wish mong i-share na karanasan ay ang pagtambay sa jologs na Uni-Top Department Store sa may Nagtahan.

6. Style over essence. When a writer spends more time doing revisions, (grammar check, identifying appropriate words to capture the experience, fleshing out the details, re-reading entire paragraphs, so they may sound musically to the ears) there's a big chance the entry won't get published. Instead, it would linger in the drafts folder. Unloved and forgotten.

7. A lazy reader is a lazy blogger. I don't blog hop as I used to when Bloggers rule social media. I even refrain from responding to comments, saving my energy instead when it's my turn to check the blogs of those who left words on my comment box. With an attitude like this, how can you expect one to write as religiously as he did in the past?

8. Distraction. Need I say more? Sims 3 Supernatural awaits when I get home.

9. Catharsis. A good entry takes readers on a journey. Stories do not merely tell, they must evoke emotions, or at least a sense of attachment. That's what we've been told in the graduate school, and for many years, it was the anchor of my journal. But I am getting tired of doing joyrides, or if I do, there's a lingering feeling that it's not the journey I had in my head. For this reason, I am dissuaded from writing and instead, become a reader like many bloggers before me.

10. Many people I know have already left the blogsphere. Their dust-covered worlds are like artifacts dating back from the time of their soul-searching days.


♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

That's sad. I love reading your works.

Aris said...

akala ko ako lang ang nakararamdam ng biglaang pagtumal at pananamlay sa blogspot. sana ay muli tayong mabuhayang lahat. nakaka-miss ang mga panahong umaapaw ang mga makabuluhang panulat!

Louie said...

#2. Sigh. At saka time management for me. :(

Maraming salamat for writing this entry, nabuhayan akong magsulat muli, idol! :)

Lady Datu said...

Hello. :)

Oscar Wilde said...

I used to blog started in 2005, mostly focused on the music I listen to, my own reviews, covering release dates in Japan, my limited edition collection, show and tell sort. It stopped suddenly two years ago.

Pepe said...

i read Souljacker. continue blogging. (oo, pautos 'yan). haha! :D

the green breaker said...

8, 9, 10, check!

I admire your power to express through this medium kuya. You are always one of the sentinels of blogging. Actually naiinggit ako sa iyo because I don't know how you find the time to write, when everyone else is lazed beyond motivation.

I'm just a silent reader, btw. I can't login, and comment much with Twitter stealing most of my internet time.

Dyosa said...

@Souljacker and Pepe,

Me too... kokonti na nga lang ung sinusubaybayan ko (at kasama na ugn blog mo dun).

Twitter is quite boring to me, mas marami kang makikitang hashtag kesa dun sa nilalaman ng pag-iisip nung tao. Unlike sa blog, you not only get to know the person who writes but also yourself.

You don't have to do it more often naman..ako nga 1 to 2 entries a month lang. And i envy you on the way you write your entries. Words are quite profound that sometimes I tend to look in the dictionary for the meaning.

Keep it up...count me in as one of your supporters. ^^,

denggoy said...

ah. ganun pala yung catharsis. hehe. i learned something new today. sabi ko nga sa isa kong post:

"I blog not because I want to brag. I blog not because I want to be famous. I blog not because I want to earn money through it. I blog because I want to share my stories. My experiences."

nice one! ;)

Brian said...

The items are sad... but true ☺

arkinscent said...

I agree with everything.

Nakakatamad magsulat talaga. We are humans, there is such thing as out need to be motivated and rewarded.

Blogging is like a novel you don't intend to publish. With an archive you boot, gosh, how intimate this would be when you read it.

5 years from now, hindi ko babalikan mga tinuwit ko or nila or napost sa fb na jokes. Mas trip ko basahin mga sinulat ko.

doms said...

Twitter, Instagram et al is the easier route in sharing ourselves. but it's like fastfood, instant gratification. but it lacks the fullness and complexities of flavour of food cooked slowly over time. iba pa rin ang blogpost.

I sure do hope you don't stop blogging coz I enjoy reading you plus 60% of the traffic to my blog comes from this blog. hehehe. and like you, I have missed a lot of bloggers who stirred me to start blogging a couple of years ago.

Mac Callister said...

blame it on twitter haha, ako din, inaabot na minsan ng two weeks na di maka blog, nagkakatamaran na siguro, ewan.

andami ko din napansin na mga blogger na inaabot din ng ilang linggo bago mag update kumpara dati,...

MEcoy said...

i could see your point i could actually relate on that

Mugen said...


Ang sipag mo nga dumalaw sa blog ko eh. Hindi pa ako nakakapag pasalamat sa iyo. Thank you.


Kasi nga minsan, mas masarap magkuwento sa Twitter. Live feed pa. Haha.


Who doesn't want fast food these days. Pero ang ganda ng comparison mo. Like cooked meals, its filling when you know that it was delicately prepared and cooked in slow fire.

I won't disappear. Blogging is my commitment. :)

Mugen said...


Kaya dapat ni-sa-save mo yung dati mong mga entries. Compared to us, your renaissance is longer than ours. :)

At naintindihan ko na rin why some bloggers insists on being read. :)


Bloggers will innovate. :) It's not the end yet.


Pareho tayo ng blogging principle. At dahil diyan i-fofollow kita. Hehe. Salamat sa pagdaan.

Mugen said...


Naku, maraming interesting na tao dun. Marunong ka lang dapat sumala ng susundan mo. Karamihan rin ng mga bloggers na sinusundan mo eh dun na nakatambay. :)

Thank you sa suporta.


We are all slaves of Twitter. And 140 character ideas makes us lazy in expounding our thoughts.



Wala akong marching orders ha! I'm just admitting that I too am having a difficult time writing and reading blogs. Haha.

Mugen said...

Oscar W.

You were here when everyone's into blogging. You stopped? Maybe because you got tired sharing your passion. Mahirap rin kasi makahanap ng makaka-connect. Tama ba?

Lady D:

Mistress. It's been a while! I'm glad to see you.


No need to push yourself. :) Babalik ang sigla ng pagsusulat mo at the right time and place.

Thanks for dropping by, idol.

Mugen said...


It's a collective feeling. Kaunti lang sa atin ang talagang nag-aadmit. :) Kahit ikaw rin eh, nauubusan ka na ng bala. :)


I won't disappear. There are no goodbyes in blogspot. :) Thanks.

Blakrabit said...

blogs should be about the blogger. we blog because we want to express ourselves.


Nate said...

1,2,8,9,10.. isang malaking check! :/ pero keep on writing, kuya! continue to inspire people to blog.. :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

This is sooooo true.

odin hood said...

Back when i was actively blogging i was still a student turned bum. I could spend an entire day and night writing-editing posts and read dozens of other blogs. Andami ko pala talaga free time noon, Nakakamiss yun. Im a twitter addict but i know iba pa rin talaga ang blogging. Kaso mahirap na talaga magsulat ngayon.

Nostalgic. Now I can only remember that feeling when ive posted something and anxiously wait for other people to comment and react. Nakakamiss

rudeboy said...

Where have all the bloggers gone indeed, Joms.

Perhaps this is but a fallow period, one that occurs naturally as in nature. Where we wait for the seeds to germinate and for life to sprout back into full bloom once again.

One can only hope.

Meowfie said...

I'm new in blogging so .....HI :D

and yeah i don't feel this ...yet lol