Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good Vibes

I went to Katipunan to shake off these pallid thoughts. I succeeded, for a moment, because the memory of the monasterio fills me with unmistakable joy. Then off I went to the bank, to let the two week's worth of salary sink into my savings account. And then at last. For the very reason I left the house this afternoon, I went to Trinoma to buy a present for my godson. He will join the flock this Saturday morning, and with my afternoon work schedule tomorrow, I got no time to do my shopping since work ends at 10 in the evening. 

As my rest days take a bow, I've realized that: I spent one free day quarantined (and stuck in bed because of a malady.) Another, if you would consider the weekend forced work-absence a privilege. My work-out activity still has to resume after a week of not going to the gym. And with my social life in a tail-spin, my cash resources still dwindling, and with the obvious lack of accomplishments these past few days.

It's no surprise that I ask, why is happiness becoming a struggle?