Monday, September 10, 2012


News is when a man bites a dog and not the other way around.

For this reason, we were taught in Journalism how to discern news over what is mere press release. With this mindset, we begin to learn why good news seldom make it to the headlines, unless the society has become too corrupt that immorality has become the norm or a sense of optimism whiffs in the air.

We were also taught how to make salsal a story when news is scarce or information is unavailable. While frowned upon and strictly unspoken, such technique had helped us cope with the dry days when I used to run a tabloid newspaper.

Salsal is when an ordinary crime-related story is peppered with details when none exists. It aims to generate a response whether it be repulsion, fear, anger or even amusement. When done regularly - even when other newspapers carry a single headline, the salsal news becomes tasteless. People start to complain and the tabloid suffers a loss of readership.

I was reminded of the word and how we smirked when Isabel De Leon segued to the topic. I may not recall her examples, but whenever I encounter cheeky passages from news articles such as these:

"The women demanded he also have sex with them, and the old man resisted at first. But then gave in to his wives' desires.

Uroko stopped breathing when the fifth woman was riding on top of him. “Suddenly, my husband stopped breathing, and they all ran out, still laughing," the youngest wife told reporters, "but when they saw that I could not resuscitate him, they all ran into the forest."

I cannot help but think of the perfect banner. 

TNB has already blogged about the news, but if given a spin - Pinoy style, I would wholeheartedly recommend this front-page headline.

Pumupulandit pa ang katas: Mister, dedo matapos kangkangin ng limang asawa.


Sa Kalye ni Felipe said...

Thunders, na-hada ng mga asawang pechay. Dedz. Batang pechay, cry.

MEcoy said...

grabe nmn yung kwento haha

Mac Callister said...

Nakakalokaaaa taytol palang na catched na atensyon ko! Charrrrrrrr

kalansaycollector said...

Mister Bumiyaheng Langit Matapos Pagparausan ng Limang Asawa!


btw umaatikabo ang title. ang sarap sabihin. salsal salsal salsal. chos. bastosssss. hehe

ZaiZai said...

hahaha most likely yun nga ang headline pag tagalog news ito! :)