Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Good News

Once, I got a book.

It was a token from a classmate in Diliman. A Filipino-Chinese, who spends most of her time running the family business. It was a parting gift given during our last day of class. And I didn't give it much thought until I got home.

I unwrapped the present to learn that it was a religious book. Not the inspirational or self-help literature but a Manga. A graphic novel that was inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Manga Messiah, as the title says, is an illustrated novel lifted from the passages of the New Testament. Done in Japanese style of drawing, the book covers the life of Yeshua from his birth to his resurrection. Its fresh approach to the stories in the Bible makes it very appealing to people of all ages, especially the ones who grew up watching Anime.

The book lingered in my bookcase for more than a year. Sometimes, I would take it out so I could lift a few pages, and then I would return it again to hibernate until kingdom come. Not until my faith was challenged did I appreciate its true value. Ganoon pala. When you're looking for anchorage and you can't find it on earth, it is when you start looking up to the heavens for an ounce of solace.

It happened once. Yung mag-seek ka ng assurance that everything will be alright, even if you have to live with the guilt because of the choices you made. It happened once. Yung mag pray ka over and over because it is more dreadful to wait with an idle mind. It happened once, when you're too helpless to walk out of the room and that voice in your heart tells you to get that book. Not because it has the answers, but to let you know that you are not alone.

And I felt comforted.

I was able to resolve my troubles without anyone knowing what I have been through. With my faith hitting an all time high, the rosary and the pocket Bible became traveling companions inside my bag. I was able to put my life in order, and secede from the person who was tearing me apart. I was able to finish reading the Manga. But in all the years I searched the Christian bookstores for copy,

My expedition always fails.

Until someone at the Manila International Book Fair this week handed me a fresh copy.

No longer am I sure to give my extra copy. At P250, the Manga isn't something you can simply give away. I don't even know who among my cousins and godchildren read graphic novels these days. But just to pass on the good news these illustrated pages have shared with me,

Come Christmas, the book shall shed light to its new keeper.


Pepe said...

indeed, the good news. and this, this is the kind of read i need. timely. thank you for sharing. :)

kung maaliwalas ang panahon bukas, hahabol ako sa last day ng fair. hehe.

Mugen said...


You should, you will love it there. :)

the green breaker said...

looks good with the anime twist. my godchild might appreciate it. =)

MEcoy said...

wow i never though manga that way cool

Oscar Wilde said...

I have a near mint copy of that manga stored properly in the bookshelf.

Oscar Wilde said...

It's quite sad to learn that your Twitter do not exist anymore.