Monday, March 4, 2013

First Quarter Loss

There are days I wake up in the morning, bestirred by the idea that in all the sunrises and sunsets of the past sixty days, I have never accomplished anything.

The thought of stagnation puts out the light of daydreams, one nerve ending at a time.


rudeboy said...

Doing nothing doesn't bother me.

Earning nothing, that's another kettle of fish.

Cheer up, Joms. Tomorrow is another day.

JM said...

we all feel that way one time or another i think. give yourself a sober assessment. then act on it accordingly. wala ka naman na magagawa e. wag ka mawalan ng gana sa mga pangarap mo (andrama!)

indeed cheer up. palitan mo na playlist mo. gawin mong puro 1D, para mas masaya. nyuknyuknyuk. :D

red the mod said...

Remember that self-valuation is subjective. What is mediocre and uninspired, could be the life-goal for another. What we may value as tantamount, can be nothing more than frivolous mundanities for another.

But then again, action is the yardstick you reckon with. Nothing is lost, unless the struggle is halted.

Keep on.

davincroft said...

tapusin mo na ang master's mo. =)

Knoxxy said...

Vodka helps. LOL