Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Since Garpppy and friends have been talking on Twitter their favorite video games, allow me to join the fun and share a thought or two, about the video game that keeps me busy lately.

The game is called Imperion. Developed by Travian Games, Imperion is a browser-based, resource management game that is set in the future. In a gist, you are given a planet from where to start expanding. You can annex planets to mine resources, colonize worlds to stretch your dominion, and research technologies to aid your imperial ambitions. 

Imperion is a massively multiplayer online game. It means that all your rivals - the ships attacking your poorly-defended colonies belong to another human player. You can join alliances for protection, or pick fights with rivals knowing there are players watching your back. However you choose to play - whether to send ships to raid worlds, or develop colonies until they become part of your war chest, the goal is to increase your score and outrank other players. 

I was invited to sign up and play the game. What began as mere curiosity became an addiction, which now forces me to go online several times a day. Getting hooked up, however, didn't happen overnight. I was not raided like my incognito accounts, or encouraged to play more as my score steadily rises. It required a little creativity and imagination to elevate my gaming experience.

Galaxy Screen

Great Leader Daemon,

We, the citizens of Colony P23452601 have established ourselves recently in the Centaurus Galaxy. Our people are a ragtag band of refugees escaping the Nolian Civil War on Fornax. Our planet is utterly defenseless against hostile and powerful invaders, a pirate base operates just outside our doorsteps.

Recognizing your military might, the colonial government of Mugen has voted to request for military protection. In return, we shall become vassals of your mighty state and contribute our wealth for your civil works.

We wish only to live in peace. Let us reach our aspirations by becoming part of your league.

Yours Truly,

Minister Jolee Ferieah
Travessia Landing Site, 
Colony P23452601

Star System Screen

The Cruxis High Council recommends to Fleet Admiral Messier Eins to send all fleets to Kratos in preparation for war with Emperor KronosGG of Tartarus system. All colonies are now sending all their resources to the Military base Kratos.

On 27.02.13 03:49:51, Mugen wrote:

Travessia, Galente - The Daemon imperial fleet has left Galente Space. This information was confirmed by Admiral Harvey Juice this morning during a press briefing with the prime minister. No word has been said as to the reason behind such pull out. Even PM Guerrero-Blue declined to explain the fleet's mysterious disappearance.

Opposition representatives believe that such pull out will exact a heavy price on the government. "There's a possibility of under-the-table resource exchange happening here" Councilor Vinnie Holliedaze suggested. "Their expedition force is far bigger than our own navy, they won't leave that world just like that!"

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports that a massive evacuation of civilian population is happening on Kratos. Sources close to the Cruxis imperial court refuse to comment on what is happening in the empire.

-  Breaking News: Daemon Navy Leaves Galente Space

Planet Works Screen

Frontierra Listening Post, Mantavara - Unconfirmed reports claim of massive damages and thousands of lives lost as the nearby planet of Stormo was sacked by another nation, our sources know only as "Agemo." 

Embassy officials from Kenpachi are still verifying the news as the Fallen Government cannot be reached at the moment.

Meanwhile, right-wing colony representatives in Galente are demanding military intervention on behalf of the Fallen. 

"How long shall we remain idle as small nations next to our borders are being raided by bandit kingdoms?" Uma Oppenheim, planetary representative of Aquario asked. "We should send our fleets to teach these bandits a lesson!"

Representatives from both Lumina and Lantis also share the same sentiment. "The Dreamwalkers asked for our help in the past and what did Greykane do?" Menthe Tarragon of Lantis says. "We literally kowtowed to Invictus and publicly apologized to the Dictator." 

"How wimp can we get?"

- Bandits On The Loose: The Fallen Homeworld Capitulates


As it has always been, I tend to romanticize my space-based strategy game and turn it into space opera. In the past, I did it with Master of Orion. The back stories I wrote on Word Document when I was in high school still remain on my disk drive today.  

These side shows not only sharpen my writing skills. It also puts a layer of character to an otherwise stale game play. Imperion's overused plot, conceived by its creators hardly sell. The game's repetitive nature (unless one belongs to an alliance) will bore a player before he could send his colonists to find new worlds to settle. 

What I didn't foresee is that there are players out there who are wired up the way a storyteller weaves narrative into images. One belongs to my alliance. Once he felt at ease putting his writing to use, our way of seeing things added a rich element, which, though may not be relevant to others, keep us playing for the time being. 

Icarnian Sketch- Today the Incarnian Imperial officials took the podium today and assured the public that the current blackouts due to the aggressive new Naval Expansion Act would soon be coming to an end. When questioned, Councilman Kilnirn was quoted, "Both Miran and the homeworld Orcin are beginning radical improvements to their power grids." 

When reporters finally got their feet in the door it was discovered that our home planet of Miran has already begun a huge expansion into hydro electricity, building three new dams in frontier settlements which will pipeline power via large transparamic cables. Environmental protesters attempted to blockade these improvements but their bodies were easily gathered and transported after the extreme cold caused hypothermia on a massive level. Senior Engineer Staffmaster Beordue was quoted, "The Paramic Ice Tundra couldn't stop us. I can't imagine why they thought they could. 

In other news, the Miran private sector gained a powerful ally when Incarnian Mining Tycoon Yeshua Black announced the current construction of twenty more mining ships. "With enemies on all sides of us we can't rely on bloated alliances and fat beurocrats to keep us safe. Simply digging our resources from the ground will take too long. These new teams will bring about 130,000 more resources a day, ensuring the Incarian Navy and your every day needs are met with immediate reprieve." He said Saturday during a surprise speech made at the breakfast table with one shocked Imperial official. These new teams along with his new "Single Comet" technique promises to bring in over 300,000 resources alone. Yeshua was heard saying, "Yes, you can spread miners out and find all sorts of comets and asteroids to mine from but if you spread out you become fodder for others. With my new protocols we can target huge meaty comets and with several crews working on the same one we not only get our resources faster, we also ensure that our mining crews are even better protected. Safety comes first. Especially on the frontier."

Please see page D-3 for the story continuation for "Frontier? I'd rather have my intestines colonized by Xen" and "Kittens: Secret assassin or cuddly pet?"


In reply to one Greykane Allison III,

It has come to the attention of the Order of Diskay, that a break be proposed. In light of the information currently attained this would seem a neigh suicidal request. The Dictatorial alliance is both well armed and highly aggressive. They care little for anything outside their current self interests and will not fear to bring about a highly labored assault for the mere insult of turning coats. The suggested actions you levy would bring about a certain war upon all the allied worlds. 

With that in mind it should be brought to your attention that you have the full backing of the Gods' Hammer fleet as admiraled by the Diskayian Order royal guard and his Imperial Majesty Remedes Lirin VI.

-Order of Diskay Knight Master, Sir Yeshua Black
Long live the Republic. Long live the Empire.

Times have made imagination a rare commodity. Lucky are those who can still put rich scenery, to an otherwise bleak field that cheapen one's gaming experience.


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