Friday, March 22, 2013


It is easy to accuse my own mother that her careless tongue was the cause of my two-day lockdown. If psycho-science holds the key to everything that is true and infallible, then the reason for my strange malady was her harmless observation that I've gotten "a bit fat." 

Not a day after, my body showed signs of break down.

But behind the seemingly convincing reason for the muscle aches, low-grade fever and itchiness of the throat, what people don't know are the activities I did before posting on Twitter that I am feeling under the weather:

  • Huffed and puffed a pack of cigarette in two days + binge beer drinking.
  • Had four hours of sleep before I showed up for work.
  • Went to the gym after my shift. Had to lift 135 lbs for Bench Press and Front Squats. Five repetitions. Five sets. Not to mention the Military Press, Sledgehammer and Kettlebell Swings.
  • Went down six flights of stairs while carrying a Balikbayan Box full of used clothes.
  • Had gone through rush hour traffic to get to Navotas to deliver the said clothes.
  • Ate dinner at 10 in the evening. Last full meal was at 10 in the morning.
  • Shoved another stick of cigarette before going to bed.
  • All that happening in one day. 

My body has gone through some of the worse punishments ever imagined and I was confident that it can take another beating. But lest I forget, the strength of a twenty seven year old is no longer reliable when you are thirty one. 

The oatmeal dinner cannot even satisfy my nutrient requirement. 

So I spent my rest days in bed. Playing Imperion all day, while taking short naps in between. If there's a consolation to the forced grounding, I've learned that the reason why my herbs are dying is because the birds keep on nipping its leaves.

And that Mylar Tape is not available in Ace Hardware and National Bookstore. I need to find a way to keep the feathered pests from harassing my babies.

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oh geesus. :-)