Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Stuff You Never Tell Friends

That I didn't go to work, not only to spare the company from paying my holiday pay, but I was in fact, running away.

That I no longer know the future of my profession, or the plans the director has for everyone in my team. 

That I am losing money faster than I can infuse fresh cash. I may have the means for income generation, but distraction keeps me from making progress.

That changes at home, with the departure of the lesbian driver for overseas work will alter our way of living. No longer can I sleep at night knowing there is someone who can drive if needed.

That I allowed impulse overrule reason and once again, the rage within will claim another collateral.

That one fine Good Friday, I had seen the truth; that I am spiraling out of control and is close to hitting rock bottom. With no comfort in the present, nor a future to lay on, I chose the path that would remind me of hope.

That in his abode, I may find salvation.  

The Tuna Sandwich while watching the last few minutes of American Idol; the dog walk around the complex, and the friendship I made with the Poodles; the heart to heart talk about my whirlwind romance and the imminent fall out, the consummating sound trip; the remembrance of timeless bonds that continue to grow.

What's in store for me remains to be seen. But on that day, without anyone at work knowing where I had been; To see my brother and to find myself reclined in his couch as I played Imperion, while he surfed the web using his tablet; and as mellow pop music played from the Bose speakers; calm descends upon my being.

Garppy may have been spared the details, but when I walked home after my visit to his apartment, I went away a little more faithful of tomorrow.

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