Saturday, March 23, 2013


So this is how it feels when your creation seems to slip away right before your eyes.

It began this morning - with a raid on my home planet. Cache of resources has been taken away without my knowledge. It was followed by another heist, which I was able to intercept just minutes before the assault took place. Lacking firepower to prevent the intruder, he took away what remains of my provisions. The hostile player didn't stop there. His third attempt turned out to be an invasion. There was time to prepare, and even craft an edict, which I sent to my team members.

Royal Decree XVII-A-IIXV
An Act of War Against Lord Vather and the Empire

We, the Royal House of Travessia, under the munificent graces of His Excellency, King Jai'ren Romanus Travessia III, the cause of joy and prosperity across the realms, having studied the latest incursion of this barbarian leader, Lord Vather against the peaceful people of Galente declares war against the Empire.
Whereas: The King feels the suffering of his people and is one with them in bringing justice to those who led the attack on the defenseless planet of Galente.
Whereas: The King recognizes the might of the Empire, but to lift the spirits of his broken people decides to send the Cerulean Fleet to make Lord Vather account for his errors. He must learn that the Realm of Mugen will not permit these merciless incursions into its worlds.
Whereas: The King, in his infinite wisdom knows that Galente cannot stand alone, thus recognizes the importance of allies in Centaurus. He may not be there to personally thank these governments, but he throws his support in building a coalition that will protect, not only the realm, but those worlds belonging to the community.
Whereas: The King approves the construction of a shipyard and defense installations on Galente, making the planet able to construct its own ships for protective measures.
This Royal Decree takes effect once the Cerulean Fleet arrives in Centaurus. Notice of War will never be sent to Lord Vather or his allies. The Royal House of Travessia entrusts the execution and promulgation of this decree to Viceroy Rafael Allende Smith.
Giventh this year of the Goddess, August 20, 3023. Gods Save The Realm.

I was having fun, really. The challenge stimulates whatever brain function I picked from playing strategy games in the past. Believing that ground defenses can hold block the assault, construction of flak batteries took place at the start of my shift. Four hours of tireless construction, while waiting for reinforcements to arrive; to finally thwart the invaders back to their world. I was confident of victory until the zero hour came and the painful truth opened my eyes to the hopelessness of my situation.

And so the countdown begins before someone steals my planet. Much as I would like to believe there is a possibility of retrieving a saved game, or even the dimmest of hope for my creation - to endure and one day get back at whoever caused this disruption - I have no choice but to admit defeat. With allies nowhere to be found and hails remaining unanswered, it is my best guess that Galente is a lost cause.

Perhaps in another game play. When I am able slip past the invader's attention and my new worlds prosper without his knowledge, I will get back what is mine and bring to his desktop the helplessness I have felt.  

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AttyMico said...

These games can be quite addictive. :-)