Saturday, April 27, 2013

Historical Reference

After the tequila joe shindig, ENDY and i headed for malate, its been a while since ive been there so i siezed the opportunity. We decided to go to BED, i havent been there and im intrigued about the stories i have heared about it. So once we entered the establishment...i was in complete awe...its like ive gone to GAY heaven! Gorgeous guys left and right, with the built and physique to match. There were great looking guys by the stairs, on the ledge, near the bar-everywhere! The best part about the place was the far the best i have sampled in malate-with the exception of aquario for playing vinyl on turntables. So, with great music comes great dancing. Guys were really gyrating and swaying to the beat...never have i seen such great dancing after "Keep on Dancing" ceased airing on channel 2. 

July, 2003

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