Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Sounds Of Bed

Music parts two gifts. Sound and memory. Sound pleases the ears. It makes the listener hum, sing, and sometimes bounce his head to the beat. But it is memory that lets melodies paint scenes and turn music into an experience. It doesn't matter if the scene is about a person, or moment. The purpose of remembering is already present. 

Bed has been around long enough to shape an entire generation's outlook of the Pink life. For the most part, I was there to celebrate diversity under its glittery Disco Ball. Bed's retro-inspired plush seats and solid red accents mirror the influences of Queer as Folk in our collective consciousness. Its dance floor was burned to the ground, and yet, Bed was reborn - like a Phoenix from its ashes.

The club has become the symbol of Malate we used to know.

Nothing lasts forever and as Bed opens its doors for one last time, tonight, allow me to look back at the last decade with five dance anthems that has become synonymous with the club. Well-hidden in my sound collection so memories will never skip, I play these songs in my music player and reminisce.

Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag

Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls

Misia feat Kevin Aviance - Into The Light (Gomi's Beauty and Beast Remix)

Inaya Day - Lift It Up

DB Boulevard - Point of View

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